Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Community Free Press Available

After a Holiday Break

You can read the new issue of the Community Free Press online. At this time, I have been unable to access the supplements to the print edition but, I'm sure they'll be online soon.

Featured in this issue is information about the Mayor and City Council candidates. I asked them about their thoughts on the pension sales tax and pension plan and Brian Brown took a look at General Seat A and General Seat B candidates, with the promise to focus on the Zone 1 and Mayor candidates in the January 28 issue. Hopefully, our efforts will give people useful information as they decide who they will support in the primary election on February 3.

Brian Brown also took another look at Park Central Square, its history of change and what is happening today with the renovation of the perimeter of the square. That article can be found on page 1, under the heading, "Change is Part of Square’s Rich History."

In a guest column, City Council General Seat A candidate Robert Stephens, explored his "Concerns About CFP’s Fairness and Policies." I have only one comment regarding Mr. Stephen's concerns: The fact that Mr. Stephen's guest column was published speaks volumes to me but, you can read about his concerns for yourself on page 5 and make your own determination as to whether he has legitimate cause for concern.

Mr. Mace must have found it to be a slow news cycle and that's all I'll say about that. ;)

On page 7, you'll find the first quarter calendars for City Council meetings and City Council luncheon meetings along with Council notes on the recent release of the 2008 Springfield Citizen Survey. There is also information about the worst case budget scenario City Manager Greg Burris shared at a recent Council lunch meeting. Councilman Denny Whayne shared some of his concerns with CFP regarding the hold on police and fire academies and Burris' idea to remove PAR and COP officers from neighborhoods and install them "on the street," instead.

Other headlines include: "Rock Star to Rabbi," page 9; "A Healthier Approach to Pizza," page 11; "Don’t Give Your Money to the Gold Bugs," page 12; "Students Are Taking Over the Air Waves," page 13 and; MERT SEATON has a, "A ‘Pukin’ Good Time" on page 17.

There's a lot more, check it out at the Web site and pick up a copy at one of the many carriers of the paper!



tom said...

What Mr. Stephens fails to point out is that the column written by me was authored before I had even turned in my signatures for certification. This in an of itself is enough to disprove his stretching theory of favoritism being shown to me by the CFP. I have written other pieces which haven't shown up in the CFP perhaps I should write a column on the favoritism know being shown to Robert Stephens as a council candidate. just kidding.

How long has KSGF been broadcasting live from Big Momma's?
Quite a while now and before Lyle was even a candidate. Lyle even signed my petition before he went down to pull his own to run for council. How this shows anything other than what it is, which is KSGF management is trying to promote business down on Commercial Street and it is working to some degree. See there can be a private sector solution to getting people to spend there dollars in an area which city council seems to think that only government is the solution.

In this election we have two outsiders with ideas that can benefit the city and its inhabitants, or we have another individual who has been here most of his life that watched while the city and city management misused what should have been pension money.

nixafederalist said...

His claim that CFP and KSGF must be unbiased in their editorials is completely unfounded. The editorial pages of the CFP is for views and opinions and Vince is the "editorial" arm of KSGF. I've never heard Vince claim to be unbalanced and simply delivering the news to his listeners. He leaves that up to the news department at Journal Broadcasting.