Thursday, January 31, 2008

Respect returns to Missouri Catholic Bishops they display "courage and compassion."

I am so pleased to see that the editorial page editor of the News-Leader has mended fences with Missouri Catholic Bishops and is no longer questioning their motives. See: Bishops' letter on immigrants changes debate (here's an excerpt):

"Missouri Catholic bishops changed the nature* of the debate about illegal immigration in this state this week by sending a passionate letter* to the governor and lawmakers urging the politicians to stop their pandering attempts to look tough on immigration.

We offer a resounding "Amen!" to the bishops for their courage and compassion."*

That's much better than the time the editorial editor questioned their motives when they came out in support of tax credits for benevolent contributors to the Betty L.Thompson Scholarship Program (failed HB808):

"Other conservative supporters and Catholic schools say the tax credits help build scholarship funds for needy students and offer families more choices. Teachers groups say the vouchers and private-school tax credits take money away from public schools and undermine the education system."

"...what is the true motivation of those trying to get it passed?"*

My guess is that supporting our State's poor students toward more choices for better education took a lot less "courage and compassion" on the part of Missouri Bishops.

Shucks, they were just talking about making tax credits available to benevolent contributors to Scholarships for Children in Failing Urban School Districts (the Betty L.Thompson Scholarship Program) to provide grants for low income parents so they could afford to send their children to the school of their choice, the school they educated themselves about and chose as one that could provide a better education to their failing child and heck, it could've even been a public school they chose. Shhh, let's not mention there were no vouchers (the tax credited scholarship program didn't quack like a duck and it didn't walk like a duck).

I'm just thankful that the News-Leader's editorial board has returned to an attitude of respect regarding opinions of Missouri Catholic Bishops. Aren't you?

*emphasis mine


arainbo said...

Courage and compassion? Does it take courage to provide a haven for illegal immigrants when you know you will not suffer negative ramifications for abetting lawbreakers? Does it take courage to speak out when you know that you will NOT lose your tax exempt status? Compassion? I would replace that word with avarice.

Jacke M. said...

Oh, arainbo, you missed the point!!!

The News-Leader respects the Catholic Bishops now instead of questioning their motives!!!

Isn't it pleasant when we can show respect for people regardless of political agendas!?! ;)

arainbo said...

Actually, I didn't miss it - the point was well made. However, I chose to ignore the News-Leader opinion because it holds no value for me.

Jacke M. said...

Actually, I knew you didn't miss it. I was just driving my point with further sarcasm.

I get that from my dad.

Funny, I just HATED it when he used it on me. Tee hee.

I hope I didn't offend YOU, you'd be one of the last people I'd want to offend. :)

arainbo said...

You did not offend. Your story demonstrates perfectly why the opinions expressed by The News-Leader means nothing to me.

Chase Davis said...

I did'nt see this in the NewsLeader, I am a Catholic and I do not understand those in the higherarchy of the Church who think that illigal immigration is ok. If breaking the law is a sin than all 12 million illigal imigrents are in sin. If 12 million people entered into the Sovergin Nation of the Holy See and asked for work, money and benifits I think the Church might change their mind.