Saturday, January 05, 2008

More on MO Liberty Coalition

Government gets better when citizens get involved

I just want to commend everyone who came out to the Missouri Liberty Coalition meeting today. It was a first meeting so it was a bit unorganized, first meetings always are.

There was discussion about task assignment, about power in numbers, about how to accomplish goals, what the goals should be, communication and letter writing. One local columnist even provided insight on how to get the attention of media.


bright yellow gun said...

J.J. was in fact born John W. And thanks for the tip on the Bee Gees album, which I will try to dig up, uh, somewhere. Never knew they did a concept album about Isaak Babel's home town.

Jacke M. said...

I thought about the Bee Gees double album after reading some of your other posts, byg. I checked you tube by entering Bee Gees Odessa and it had been added to you tube, I believe in Sept of 2007. So, if you haven't heard it you can on you tube now.

Thanks for answering my question on J.J. Cale. :)

Anonymous said...

The Mo LC meeting went pretty well I think from what I could see.

It was nice that Becky Spence was not cut off after two minutes like at some meetings.

Sarah Overstreet did well even tho she had to keep her hand up a bit too long one time.

There was some guy with a cool hat that left a bit early...

Hope to have the refreshments better organized next time.
Maybe we can have some secret meetings sometime just for fun.

I belive there was more money raised than all the profits from the convention center and ice park combined.

great job

tom said...


thank you for your comments, the SNAFU with the library and whether or not the room was reserved set us back a bit. We had people come in early just to set the room up beforehand, and as you could see that didn't happen.
we welcome input and look forward to being better organized for the Jan 26th meeting.