Monday, October 01, 2007

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US Autism and Asperger Association newsletter special report 041807

"NEWS RELEASE: For Immediate Release - October 1, 2007
Urine Testing Confirms Autism is Mercury Poisoning"

Hat tip: C.J.


Anonymous said...

Looks like some research is in....probably will not make the major news networks however.

It would be good for the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) to understand the difference between research and a study.

A "study" usually looks for a number in a special group which comes from phone surveys or some other pathetic method. If they like the number they come up with, they stop & publish the study. If they do not like the number they come up with, they usually proceed with another study.

For some reason, the CDC turned over millions of public vaccination records to a private company in an effort to keep the information out of reach of those seeking Thimerosal information.

Why they would dump critical vaccine information, and then fund a number of outside studies should be explained.

"Research" lays out a precise procedure with a scientific method to investigate exactly the issue they want to provide conclusions about...

However, one non-CDC "study" looked a large Amish population in Pennsylvania, who do not vaccinate their children. They found not the expected 160 Autisic children, but only four, three of which had had vaccinations of some kind at some time.


Anonymous said...

This would confirm why symptoms of mercury poisoning and symptoms of Autism are the same... someone inform Dr. Nancy Snyderman....