Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mayor Tom Carlson: King of the Peanut Gallery

If Mayor Carlson wonders why it seems like some people in the community don't have a lot of respect for him, I think I can give him a little hint.

Here's a short quote from the City Council luncheon meeting October 16 regarding the arena site:

"Any day of the week, I'll bet on people that have got real money at risk, time, money and effort to spend as opposed to the people from the peanut gallery." ~ Mayor Tom Carlson, October 16, 2007

I have no problem with Carlson betting "on people that have got real money at risk," they're very fortunate that they have "real money" (or government awarded, tax payer funded incentives) TO risk, seems like that's what it takes to get taken seriously by Carlson.

Not very many VOTERS in Springfield have got the kind of money it takes to compete with John Q. Hammons, HCW Evergreen, Opus or BC Development for the honor to spend millions of dollars on a piece of dried up grass with a garage, but I'd wager more than a few of those peanut gallery patrons cast a vote for the Mayor. It's nice to know that he wouldn't bet on any of those peons in the peanut gallery who don't have "real money." It's nice to know that he's so interested in input from the community he represents.

Apparently, since he doesn't plan to run for another term as Mayor he doesn't need to impress the "peanut gallery." If he ever did.


Anonymous said...

I noticed shortly after the 33 million dollar JQH ballbark was built by Mr. "I will build it" the City Council decided to co-sign the note to assist with financing...

Jason said...

I'd really love to hear all the comments. I was told by a reporter at the event that Carlson attacked Jericho by name.

The clip as shown certainly puts the mayor in the wrong light and raises serious questions.

John Lilly said...

First Ralph Manley tells us what he really thinks of us and now Tom Carlson does also.

Jacke M. said...

Jason, I don't remember Carlson calling Jericho by name and I'll try to transcribe his rant in the next day or two. I was planning to anyway as soon as I got a chance so people could see the comments in context.