Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh, Good Golly, Molly ~ Go, Vince, Go!!!

October04_6:00am_What has been promised for 3 ½ years on KSGF

Thursday, October 04, 2007 - 13
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What is the timeline behind the empty plot of land in Jordan Valley nect to the expo? What does a memo say that was addressed to the city from a developer who was in the running for this land?


Jason said...


Anonymous said...

It is like trying to hit a moving target with this "where did the arena go" project.

JQH is allowed to aim at a large fixed object, while all others have to aim at whatever the City throws up in the air on any given day.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to work. Maybe just me.

Query: If a request for additional information is ignored and no response is provided, hasn't the entity withdrawn from consideration?

Jacke M. said...

The link didn't work for me either now. Try it again later or go to and you'll find it under yesterday's podcasts.

In response to your query, just my opinion but I'd say not necessarily.

Anonymous said...

Monday night questions

1) HOW MANY of the Developer Proposals were shown to HOW MANY of the City Council members? When did this happen or not happen...

Again, it seems like the CITY Staff has done a great job to get down to one, back against the wall option,
and NOW thinks it is time for the Elected Officials to vote....

2) How much does the City spend each week with legal time having the Law Dept listen to the VDJ show ??

go Vince...

Jacke M. said...

I updated the link, it's working now, or for the moment.

To anon 10:24, for the record, for 5 bucks anyone could have gone, or may still be able to go to the city clerk's office and pick up a CD of the proposals. The $5 is to offset the cost of the CD and the time to burn it.

I have a copy of it, so I will assume that any city council member who wanted to see the proposals could get the copy, I sure they could get it for free.

Anonymous said...

Monday night questions

maybe a better question would be:

I understand that JQH received a 20 yr lease on the 20 million dollar Expo center for about a dollar a year.. I assume this is so alcohol could be served without putting the City at risk, among other reasons.

1) If that is the case, WHO added in the 60 foot additional lease space OUTSIDE the Expo Center to the East?? This is quite a $1 deal made by ????

2) How much did JQH want paid to give this space to another developer ??

3) Does JQH have a lease on the "air above" the new airport ?

should be a great Monday night.

Jacke M. said...

Can someone please tell me where it says on the council agenda that the council is going to be discussing the former arena site?