Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just some thoughts on Councilman Ralph Manley's comments at the October 8 City Council meeting

I listened to my tape and then I went to City of Springfield, MO - TV23 and replayed the entire exchange from the point of Becky Spence addressing council till the end of the discussion including Ralph Manley.

When Manley said,

"The lack of respect that some of you have shown for this council to think that we'd do something underhanded or that's not...."

Now, at this point the crowd reacted. Why? Well, because it seemed, and I got this impression as well as others, that Manley was suggesting that the mere turnout of people to a City Council meeting was disrespectful of the council and could have seemed to say but let me be clear, he did NOT say, "how dare you question our integrity?" It is not unreasonable that people took it that way.

I will say that Manley had a view of the entire crowd that I did not have and that no one else, except other Council members, had. Manley could see the body language of the people, collectively and individually. Manley could see the expressions on people's faces. It is possible, and maybe even likely, that Manley saw some things in body language and expression, alone, that the rest of us could not have seen and that he perceived those expressions, that laughter and that body language as disrespectful. I don't personally think any contempt, right or wrong in this case, that might have been shown that night was directed at Council so much as City staff and particularly, Mary Lilly Smith but I ASSUME Manley perceived it as such and I am ASSUMING he took it personally. It is no more unreasonable that Mr. Manley took it that way than it is unreasonable that the crowd took it another way.

I wonder if it ever occurs to other people to put themselves in the other guy's shoes?

I am astonished that Becky Spence so adamantly declared that City staff in several different departments told BC Development that "it's a done deal," only to find out the next day that Baier would not support her position. Not only did she declare it but she then elaborated on it to Council, never once suggesting that she didn't know it to be fact.

There will be more to come out about this issue.

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Jason said...

Reports are looking like Becky Spence didn't have all her ducks in a row.