Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Are you a Republican?
Are you a Conservative?
Are you a Democrat?
Are you a Liberal?
Are you a Progressive?
Are you a Christian?
Are you a Conservative Christian?
Are you a Progressive Christian?
Are you a Libertarian?
Are you an Independent?


Tell me what you are and I'll tell you everything about you.

Am I the only one in the world who is tired of labels?


1 comment:

Momma Twoop said...

Yeppers! Tired of the labels, but even more tired of the mentality that one has to fit into a category. There are labels for everything and people willing to adopt one, or more, and wear them like a badge. And for those who aren't willing to do it themselves, there are plenty of victimhood pimps out there who will do it for them, teach them what it means to be a victim of _____________ (take your pick), and then instruct this new victim what he/she is owed by society because of their newfound status. Heck yes, I'm sick of labels!