Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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Anonymous said...

posted by you on another blog"While I'm touched by your sentiment, I do think, considering the fact that I no longer wish to intertwine my Christianity with my politics or respond to other's intertwining of their politics to Christianity, and since that is basically what you do here, that it would be best for me to move along."

you just really cant help yourself, can you?

11:16 AM

Posted by me on MY blog:

Jacke M. said...

You misunderstood what I was saying, Larry p. I am not advocating that our Christian convictions should not play a part in how we vote, I am advocating that in the arena of debate, I feel that politics should be argued from a political standpoint and Christianity DISCUSSED from a Christian standpoint. Of course, when I cast my vote I cast it for the person who agrees the most closely with my stance on social and political issues of our time. And, to be honest, while I would like to leave Christianity and politics separate, I'm not even sure if that is possible. While I am silent about what role my Christianity plays in my political convictions other Christians are busy gathering themselves together in an effort to paint Conservatives as evil, misunderstanding and misrepresenting our reasons for standing against abortion and gay marriage. So, yeah, you are probably right. Perhaps, it would have been better if I had opted to take a break. I think in a perfect world Christians should be able to unite on issues such as these rather than fight about them. I am but one voice, when others are uniting against us we each have to make a decision of whether we will be silent or not. A sin of omission is still a sin. Thanks for the comment. As you can see, I'm still thinking, still learning and still growing, because that is true and because *I am a woman,* :) I always retain the right to change my mind. I think I was right, but I think you are right too. :)

4:54 PM

wildwest said...

"In a perfect world" do you think we would even *have* these issues? ;-)

5:29 PM

Jacke M. said...

No, and in the imperfect world in which we live politics are argued vehemently. Now, the thing is, I'd love to separate Christianity from the political debate but because others won't join me in doing so I don't feel I should necessarily limit myself by firmly separating the two.I'm sure at some point I'll rejoin the battle. You see, one has to be careful about allowing others to shut one up because they dislike your politics.

"I will not go silently into that good night" Who wrote that? Which poet?

Look out Progressive Christians, it appears I let you confuse me for a moment, like I'm supposed to live and let live while you continue to attack Conservative Christians in the political arena! Misrepresenting us and re-defining what and who we are to paint us as haters? Fergit abowt et! ;)

5:35 AM

So, anonyomous, as respectfully as I can muster I would tell you to

bite me.

This is my blog, and Momma Twoop's, and we'll write about any darned thing we please. Thanks for your concern though. :)


Momma Twoop said...

Yeah, what Jacke said! LOL

Momma Twoop said...

One more thing, Jacke. When did it become "wrong" to mix religion with politics? Through the majority of time the US has been in existence, Christian principles guided our lawmakers and laws. Bibles were used regularly as study materials in public schools. Morality played an important part of setting boundaries for our society. Why, and when, did that become "bad?" It served us well throughout our history, yet with the help of activist judges and organizations', such as the ACLU, encouragement of citizens to become overly-sensitive to anything they viewed as different, religion began being pushed out of virtually every institution. Not every religion, mind you. Just Christianity. It was taken out of schools in the 1960's, if I'm not mistaken, and look how far we've come since then. ::pushing sarcasm button:: Schools punish teachers and, in some instances, students for discussing religion in class, yet it's perfectly fine for schools to host mock jihads for three weeks as a school lesson. This world has gone completely crazy.

Jacke M. said...

That's something funny, isn't it Twoopsie? You see, Progressives don't like Conservatives defining Christianity for them, they resent that, (playing my small violin) so they are gathering together in their own little groups to fight us. I am the one that said it was wrong. But the thing is, what is wrong about it is Christians fighting against Christians and dividing themselves. I can't change the current climate and so it is just going to be impossible for me to not respond to what Progressives are saying about Conservatives in the Christian arena.

You know, somewhere in the Bible, Twoop, it says something to the effect that in the end times what is right will be looked upon as though it is wrong and what is wrong "will seem right in their eyes?" Something like that. Yes, the world has gone completely crazy.

Anonymous failed to realize that I was clarifying why I oppose gay marriage and that it had NOTHING to do with my Christianity but rather about health issues. What had to do with Christianity about the post is the fact that Progressives try to make the claim that Conservative Christians oppose it because we just hate gays. That is just not true and nothing but leftist propagandizing taking hold in the Christian community. They oughta be ashamed! ;)

Momma Twoop said...

You know what I think defines a religion, Jacke? The document, or documents, upon which a person bases their faith. Each faith has its tomes, words from their prophets, their gods, outlining the instructions and commandments for their followers. As such, I don't think we can define Christianity for them any more than they can define Christianity for us, though I have no doubt they're trying. Christianity is what it is. It's a belief in Christ, all He taught, and all he came to fulfull. Other beliefs can come into the picture, I believe, but the instant those other beliefs contradict what Christ taught, you've taken on, or formed, a new religion, IMO, regardless of what you choose to label it.

Humans have the knack for altering virtually everything for their own benefit. Religion is no different.

You're right. Every attempt has been made by "progressives" of all stripes to paint Conservative Christians in the worst light possible. They'd have everyone believe we're all just like Carrie's mother in Stephen King's movie. Ever seen that? The mother was nuttier than a fruitcake, locking her daughter in the closet for forced prayer whenever she perceived her to have sinned in some way, finally attempting to kill her daughter when she believed she was a witch. The Left in this country has attempted to paint Conservative Christians as fruitcakes...bigoted, backwards, bombers of abortion clinics and murderers of abortion doctors and homosexuals. If they disagree with abortion, it's because they want to impose their morals on society according to progressives, as though cutting, tearing and shredding little human beings would only be thought of as barbaric by Holy-rolling Bible thumpers. If they disagree with homosexuality, it's because they hate gays and think they should be condemned to Hell according to progressives, as though there are no other valid reasons to disagree with the normalization of that lifestyle.

They SHOULD be ashamed, but why bother? They have their own agenda and vilifying those who believe differently is merely part of bringing it to fruition. The end justifies the means for those who live their life seeking "social justice."