Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'M HOME!!!!

I nearly died but as Momma Twoop wrote below, God decided to perform a miracle in my life and I'm back!

I have a list of article and report ideas I prepared at the hospital and I WILL be chipping away at it as time goes on but, for the time being I am still a bit weak.

I think I spent the last two weeks at Select Services Specialty Hospital but, all in all I have been in hospital over a month fighting an antibiotic resistant strain of pneumonia. There are wonderful employees at Select. Too many to thank individually but, I will just say that I walked away from there feeling I had new friends. Wonderful bunch of f0lks.

I also have many friends and family [including church family] members to thank for all their prayers, visits and attention, which I know will even be ongoing as I work to rebuild my strength after being bedridden for so long. I cannot tell you what a new appreciation I have for the people who God saw fit to connect me with in this life. I don't believe we ever meet anyone by accident, there is always a reason why someone, even a sales clerk, steps into our lives.

I have a renewed love for my husband who had to struggle on the emotional roller coaster of not knowing whether his wife would live or die, was advised to call in family so that they could make their final goodbyes at one point but, managed somehow to be the best support to me I could have ever asked for and could have ever imagined he was capable of.

A special thanks to Vince Jericho of KSGF for repeatedly praying and calling for prayer from his listeners on my behalf.

A special thanks to Fred and Janice Ellison for their unwavering and time consuming support, to Tom Martz for his friendship and support, to Galen Chadwick of the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance, who regularly visited me and, I understand, has a lot of work for me to do, Dan and Alice [I have your radio] to Momma Twoop for her phone calls and the beautiful snowflakes and notes she and her children sent me, and a special thanks to Dwain and Sharon Ege...they know why. Loads of love and appreciation to my brother, sis in law and nephew and my dad, step mom, stepsister and brother in law. Thanks to Dale Johnson for stealing Wes' papers for me and bringing me a News-Leader every day toward the end of my stay. There are too many people for me to list them all individually, I hope I haven't missed anyone and that everyone will understand this is mainly meant to be an all encompassing, great big thank you to all those who have supported me, sometimes I don't even know when or how.

I will more than likely revisit this topic at a later date, I know there is more to say but, hopefully I hit the majority of people who have been so much help and such a support to me.

[Looks like someone hijacked my twitter acct.]


Busplunge said...

I thought you mustuv made somebody really mad and went into the witness protection program.

Get your strength back up and we'll hit the cashew chicken joint again, maybe after the holidays.


Jackie Melton said...

Sounds good, Jim, however, I've developed an allergy to MSG so I have to be careful about the Chinese food thang. :)

I finally figured out that was what wes causing me to get migraines, I've been migraine free since I started avoiding MSG.

Jack said...

I just figured my blogging presence was such that you could not bear to blog in my universe. To find out it was not about me ... ah shucks.

Upgrade from cashew chicken to sushi. Assuming it ain't too uppity for you two.

Jackie Melton said...

Dear Jack,


Chestnut Expressway said...

Lot of people were praying for you Jacke. God bless you.

Now we can get back to praying to send other people to burning places...

take two said...

Really good to see the chit chat! Love it!

Jackie Melton said...

Chestnut Expwy,

I appreciate the thought but feel compelled to say that as a Christian I NEVER pray for ANYONE to go to a burning place.

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