Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let us give thanks....

Do you believe in miracles? I do, and I think I, and a few others, have witnessed one recently.

My last post, my only post in ages, was a prayer for my friend Jackie. She was at death's door, literally. I posted that prayer, repeated it too many times to count through the day, layed my soul bare for our Lord as I cried and pleaded for His Mercy on my friend. I know there were many, many others who were doing the same thing, too.

Later that evening, unexpectedly, Jackie took a turn for the better. She went from being a lady the doctor didn't expect to survive through the night to one who woke up, began interracting with those around her, registering voluntary movements along with voiced complaints like "Ouch!" when she didn't like whatever poking or prodding was being done her, to the full-of-life lady who is today, at this very moment, sitting up, smiling, communicating and reading her get well cards.

God is good, full of grace and mercy. Do not doubt it.

A friend recently said there is no better way to begin Thansgiving week than with the news of this unexpected turn-around. I couldn't agree more! This Thanksgiving is extremely special and I, along with everyone else who Jackie has touched, am extremely thankful.

Welcome back, Sis, may you keep progressing in your recovery and come home to all of us who love you soon.