Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jericho's Wife Reaches out to Supportive Fans on Facebook

While the dust settles after the departure of Vincent David Jericho, his loyal listeners, friends, and fans are restless.

On Wednesday I received an invitation to join a new Facebook group called, "Defense of Vince." The group, so far, boasts 57 members. There are no upcoming events listed and there have been no discussions started.

Vince's wife Denise Jericho did, however, post a statement on the group's "wall" concerning why Vince was "fired and is silent." This is what she wrote:

"For all out there wanting to understand what has happened an(d) why Vince was fired and is silent. I can tell you that it was for not failings on his part. Understand that right now we are trying to sort out things out. This has been a very difficult month. The goings on did not start on the 28th of December, so there is... much to sort thru. We appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement. You have no idea what it does for Vince and I to see everyone reaching out like this and I for one am truly grateful."



Anonymous said...

I would think that any major radio advertiser, such as a drug company, (basically owned by the DNC) could almost ditate to KSGF what they wanted in exchange for a major ad sale.

This "backroom deal" could put nearly any talk show host on the street.

Anonymous said...

14 pg's & 134 post on the N;1/3 were irrelevant to the subject,another 1/3 were from local political steak holders whom VDJ challenged on numerous issues.
3 Facts are indisputable:
1.Prior to Jericho, many (if not all) residents of Springfield were afraid to publicly question or criticize local government leaders. ... it is a fact that residents of Springfield feared repercussion if they questioned or exposed policy and behind the scenes action accepted and performed by the Springfield City Council and City Jericho paved the way for real dialog about local issues in Springfield staff.

2.In August, Jericho made national news during an interview with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Steele said he agreed with the bombastic host politicians "who can't behave themselves. When stuff gets in the crapper, you got to clean it out,"

3.A strategic political mafia assassination attack was implemented.
Wake up Springfield; be afraid the political mafia is real. Who will be the steak holder’s next target? This political warfare is yet to escalate. God-fearing VDJ is only one of the many afflicted & oppressed. Stand still VDJ God has a plan. Nehemiah Chapter 4&5.
The voices of many will rise up, because of your courage to be a voice for us.

Anonymous said...

I quit listening to Vince a few years back. I am a conservative and I did agree with Vince on the issues. The issue is not what he says but how he delivers it. His style is loved by the base but is very ineffective at getting the point across. Does insulting and degrading others really get them to agree or even see your point Vince? No of course not. It just makes them mad and then nothing is done. You can shoot straight with people without being rude. The "right" of his message is lost in the wrong of his delivery. If he would learn that, he would be more effective.

That aside, I am sorry that he has lost his job. I feel for him and his wife to lose their job at any given time but befor eChristmas like that is even worse. I applaud him, like I do anyone for wanting to work and I hope he can find a job somewhere doing anything to keep his home and pay the bills. I have read that his wife is ill but I don't know if that is true of what the issue is. Regardless I hope that she has health and happiness returned to her. Whats sad is her having to pay the price for her husbands "issues" but I guess that is the price you pay for working in the entertainment biz.

Have a better 2010 to both Vince and wife, and Vince, I hope you can fine tune your message and deliver it with more appeal. You catch more flies with honey man.

David said...

I hope we get more story out of this. And I hope Vince gets picked up by another station. KWTO or KADI both need someone capable of bringing attention their way, and Vince can do that. It's not always positive attention, really. But when most people under 40 don't know you exist (KWTO) and most people don't know you exist (KADI) anything helps.

The mans got a lot more stupid things to say on air, and being fired will only fuel his conspiracy-centered brain even more. So lets hope he gets a legit venue back where he can stage his circus properly.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Jericho say, there is nothing wrong with pregnant pauses on the radio. If he was still on the air prehaps he would book a mime as a guest.

If you've heard the new guy (DeLay), you're able to see how bad Jericho was. There is not frequent moments of dead air like you had with Jericho.