Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Urban Garden Task Force to Meet Tuesday September 8

Meeting to be held in the fourth floor conference room of the Busch Municipal Building at 6:30 p.m.

Springfield's Urban Garden Task Force will begin considering draft definitions related to the urban gardening issue tonight at their fourth meeting. According to the agenda, they will also begin formulating recommendations for City staff to consider.

Senior Planner Daniel Neal passed along several documents to Task Force members and other interested parties on September 2, giving them nearly a week to look over the documents, prior to this September 8 meeting.

First draft definitions were included in the documentation. The definitions spanned: Personal gardens; community gardens; commercial gardens; and farmer's markets.

Personal and community garden standards were roughly outlined but, there were no standards outlined at all for commercial gardens and farmer's markets.

For more information about the agenda for the next meeting and what to expect to happen next regarding the issue of urban gardening in Springfield, see: JackeHammer: Urban Garden Task Force Moved to Fast Track


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ruell chappell said...

I was at the meeting on the 8th and was happy to hear Mr. Wheeler say that his goal was to get this whole Urban Garden question resolved with NO FEES ATTACHED. I always want to look for the good in government and those charged with its managment. If this is to be the outcome, it will be a GREAT example of Government for the people.... something that seems pretty rare these days.
All to often, decisions are made based on a need for revenue.
Government should react to the market as businesses do. They should cut expenditures when revenues are down. AND, they should always, always, always, decide for people REGARDLESS of the economic condition!
I will be the first to cheer our city if the right of the people to grow, own and "do as they will" with "their food" is upheld!!
This thinking is in line with a new focus that can help secure our local food supply and rebuild a sustainable local economy. Springfield can be the first city in the Nation to go this far! The Mo. Dept of Ag is extremely interested. Now, let's see if our city government is. Give them the benefit of the doubt and be ready to praise their good decisions and sacrifices!