Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JackeHammer's Second-Ever Bullwinkle Award goes to....

Drum roll, please!

This is only the second time JackeHammer has issued a "Bullwinkle Award."

A person qualifies for a bullwinkle award when the actions of the person garner a reaction that is totally unexpected, not predicted, and the exact opposite of what the person set out to accomplish. It's a sort of an award for inadvertant irony, if you will.

The first time I issued a bullwinkle award, back on July 21, 2008, it was issued to radio talk show host and personality Michael Savage for inadvertantly raising autism awareness by making insensitive comments about autism.

I am issuing my second bullwinkle award to President Barack Obama for inadvertantly uniting conservative thinkers across the country as a result of his out of control policy initiatives.

Congrats Mr. President!



Stu Solomon said...


I am issuing you the first "Rocky" award for being the eternal optimist and seeing "conservative unity" where none exists. The "Rocky" award is given to those extraordinary people who believe that "flying" squirrels actually fly, when (in actuality) they just "glide".

Kudos JackeHammer!

PS I'm diggin' this facebook thing! I get to see your posts much sooner than I did when I had to check on my own blog! As always, Jackie, my comments are always intended in friendship. Friends don't have to agree to be friends. Right?

Jackie Melton said...

Thanks Stu.

I can live with being an eternal optimist however, I did know that "flying" squirrels don't really fly.

Happy to have you comment.

By the way, there isn't anybody on the face of this earth that I agree with all the time so, in light of that I wouldn't have ANY friends if we had to agree on everything, and, take my word for it, I actually do have friends. Oh, BLESSed me! :)

Stu Solomon said...

I'ma gunna take yer werd fer it, Miss Hammer, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

I am an Obama supporter and I would like to thank him as well for uniting the....well....fringe element comes to mind...but..okay, let's just say conservatives for now. I have not laughed so hard in all my life at the video coming from these rallies. People cashing their SSN checks to travel and protest social programs, the double negatives used to explain why they don't trust this..well you know blank.in the White House. Thank you Mr. President....when you make Rush, Sean, Savage, Vince and "the great one" squeal and cry like they are doing now....in short....you gotta be doing something right

Sammy 54 said...

Photos....I enjoy your site...but how come no photos of the great JackeHammer.......your fans need to put a face to the genius!!!!