Thursday, September 03, 2009

About President Obama's Address to America's Children

I've been listening to the discussion about President Obama's Address to America's children scheduled for Tuesday, September 8. The discussions I've listened to have taken place on the Vincent David Jericho Program on "KSGF" the last couple of mornings. (Wed. and Thurs., podcasts accessible here.)

There were a couple of things that bothered me about the "menus of activity" which had been provided to teachers by "U.S. Department of Education" Secretary Arne Duncan. The "menus" were produced by U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellows.

According to "Cato@Liberty," "The administration has now backpedaled from a classic political gaffe and cleaned up the most offensive aspects; asking kids to write about how they can help, explain why its important to listen to political leaders, etc."

The President's address to students is going to be live streaming from the Whitehouse Web site.

Those of you whose schedule will allow you to view it can view it at this Streaming Video link. It will air on Tuesday, September 8, at 12:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.


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