Saturday, November 08, 2008

While you weren't paying attention

(well, some of you)

"The Community Free Press" stealthily filled area newstands with its free community paper Tuesday and Wednesday of the past week. That's right, you can pick it up at no cost and read, in depth, about things that matter the most to Springfield and Greene County citizens. (At least that's the goal and, personally, I think it is being achieved through a lot of hard work by a lot of hard working people but, we want to do more, there's always room for improvement!)

The paper's political director, Brian Brown, explored the question of red-light cameras and safety. Adolph Belt, Jr. was found liable on Sept. 16 for running a red light at a Springfield intersection equipped with red-light cameras. Belt, a state trooper for 30 years, has appealed the charges on two fronts. Brown reported that, "Both sides in the case say motorist safety is the key issue."

In, "New Car Dealers Struggle," Brown reported new car and light truck sales were down 12.8 percent for September as compared to September 2007. Brown reported, in this article, not all area car lots are suffering from the decline.

Jackie Melton (who dat?) declared, "Understanding the City's Emergency Bills," an emergency. The bills pop up on the City Council agenda and often cause people to wonder what the emergency was and what determines when a bill is an emergency. The article outlines how and when a bill on the City Council agenda is determined to be an emergency.

In an update, the paper outlined the key elements of City Manager Greg Burris' plan to save the police and firefighter pension plan. There is also contact information provided on how to contact your Council members to let them know whether you favor or oppose the 1 percent sales tax voters will likely approve or deny in February of 2009. Included with that update is the proposed ballot language as it would appear in that election. The first reading and public hearing on this bill is scheduled for the November 10, City Council meeting.

Also, on the topic of the sales tax measure, the "Viewpoints" section carries quotes from local citizens. The citizens sat down with CFP on November 1, to discuss possible alternatives to a sales tax for funding the police/fire pension.

Councilman Burlison's recent statement on city priorities was summarized and appears on page 7.

Contributor Kelsey Garman alerts readers that Jennifer Rothschild, who was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease early in life and is now blind, will be a guest speaker at the "Fresh Grounded Faith" women's conference at High Street Baptist Church, November 14-15. Rothschild has written 6 books, including the best-selling, "Lessons I Learned in the Dark."

CFP Managing Editor, Mert Seaton, always manages to interest even a reader like me, who is not particularly interested in sports, with his regular sports column. In this issue's column he admits he's failed his oldest son Tyler, "in one of the worst ways possible...." I'm not going to tell you how, you gotta read the paper.

Kara Hartfield alerts us to Women Artists of the Midwest in "Celebrating Women Artists," page 14. Hartfield wrote, "The group was organized to help gain support and recognition for female artists in the Ozarks and Midwest...." Find out where you can view the show featuring new original works by several Midwest members.

I didn't know you could drive a stake in a suit and tie but Greene County Commissioner Dave Coonrod shows us how it's done on page 17.

Check out the latest issue and leave feedback. Then, consider writing a letter to the editor at CFP and let them know what your interests are, what concerns you have for our community and how you think we can cover your interests better. News tips are always welcome, too! Email is the preferred method, and letters should be sent to but, letters may also be faxed to: (417) 447-2140 or, mailed to: Springfield's Community Free Press, PO Box 2418 Springfield, MO 65801-2418

You can also subscribe to the paper, for home delivery, by emailing: or mailing your request to the same address above. Include your name, address and phone number (for verification).



Jack said...

Would you mind doing this more often? I like the preview; it helps me remember the CFP. I need reminders sometimes.

Jackie Melton said...

Sure Jack,

I'm assuming you're serious and not being sarcastic, it's nice to know someone is enjoying reading the preview because I've wondered if anyone is interested in the self-promoting advertisement.

It isn't just for me though, I happen to think CFP is the best paper in town and have great respect for all who work and contribute for it. I hope I'll always have that opportunity.

I try to do this for every issue but sometimes I get behind a day or two.

Jack said...

Serious as serious can be. I enjoy the preview.

Jackie Melton said...


Now you have gone and encouraged me!

Be careful what you wish for!