Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama: Ready to rule on day one

Paul Seale, Arena of Ideas, posted a short clip of Tom Brokaw's Meet the Press interview with Valerie Jarrett. You can watch the whole clip at the clip link. Here's the money quote:

"Given the really daunting challenges that we face it's important President elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to RULE day one." -Valerie Jarrett, Obama transition co-chair

I thought he was elected to be President, not as ruler of the United States of America.



Jack said...

The ruling began when W began his reign as King rather than president.

(This comment was not approved by the commenter.)

Jackie Melton said...

So sayeth those who didst not approve his kingdom.

So sayeth not the members of the Bush Cabinet nor the Bush transition co-chair.

(Subject to the Kingdom doth not approveth above commenteth)

Busplunge said...

What was the context? I took it to mean this

Jackie Melton said...

On context: touche.

I think you're really stretchin,' Kingdom Subject Jim.


tom said...

As I read that link from Jim I started to think of the history of this nation and how many Presidents it can be said ruled over the United States as if they were King for a period. Bush the younger is hardly the first that fits this description

Дж. Хьюз said...

The way you bolded and italicized that part of the "money quote," I was expecting Ms. Jarrett to jump up on the table and scream RULE! in a voice which would have done Howard Dean proud.

She could have saved a whole lot of annoyance by using the proper word, which is "govern."

Jack said...

Lets see if Obama rules or governs. He's already pushing to include Lieberman in the Democratic caucuses and not punishing the man. That says a lot about a president-elect who wants to be inclusive. That is a bold and classy move. Let's hope it is a precursor to good governing to come and not a ruling of an ego-maniacal decider.

Can you tell I don't care for Bush, his policies or his governance? Still, ruler is the wrong word to use when talking about a president unless you mean it as a put-down. I bet she gets schooled on that slip up.

Jackie Melton said...

Дж. Хьюз,

I didn't want you to miss it.