Friday, November 07, 2008

Urban Districts Alliance: Valuable Partner and Ally of City of Springfield


As I begin my final term as Mayor of Springfield and reflect on my years on City Council, one of my proudest accomplishments has been the remarkable change we’ve seen in the heart and core of center city Springfield.

One of the City’s most valuable partners and allies* in that effort is the Urban Districts Alliance. The volunteer board and hard-working staff representing the four districts that comprise our Center City are to be commended for the perseverance and vision it has taken to bring downtown back – and look ahead to its equally exciting future.

The year ahead will again be filled with the sights and sounds of construction equipment on a number of major projects. West of the Square will buzz with construction of two parking decks and the College Station theater, restaurant and retail complex.

In the midst of Jordan Valley, renovation will begin on the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab that will complement the nearby Roy D. Blunt Jordan Valley Innovation Center opening this spring.

Selection of developers for the Heer’s Tower and the former arena site next to the Springfield Exposition Center will further those important sites this year.

New city-supported Streetscapes will enhance the section of Boonville near the Innovation Center and the College Station area. A Streetscape project completed in 2006 complements the dynamic Monarch Art Factory that opened to house a number of creative business ventures and draw patrons west of downtown for concerts, exhibitions and the popular First Friday Artwalks.

As we had hoped and anticipated, the major public investment continues to spur this type of private investment throughout the area. New lofts, retail and commercial properties are being redeveloped throughout center city, particularly near major projects such as the Innovation Center and College Station.

The City and the UDA will continue to work hard to support both the public and private investments that will drive Center City’s evolution. We are most appreciative for the support shown by residents, businesses and property owners downtown to continue the self-imposed Community Improvement District assessment to provide key services such as maintenance and beautification efforts downtown.

The year ahead is full of promise and we look forward to working with Urban Districts Alliance to realize the full potential of our common goals for Springfield’s Center City.

Thomas J. Carlson
Mayor of Springfield

Source: Urban Districts Alliance (UDA) 2007 Progress Report

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Urban Districts Alliance. For more information:. Louise Whall. City of Springfield Public Information Director. P.O. Box 8368. Springfield, MO,;download

*All emphasis mine


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Jim Hornaday said...

Well, I'm not surprised Mayor Carlson would want to congratulate himself for what he perceives to be a job 'well-done'.

I think he should be completely honest and congratulate himself for leading Springfield into fiscal irresponsibility and overspending the city into a $167 million dollar deficit for the police/fire pension fund.