Thursday, May 01, 2008

Metro Republicans will meet tonight

The Springfield Metro Republicans are hosting a meeting tonight (May 1) at 7:00 p.m.

The topic will be the Springfield City Charter.

If you would like to attend, the meeting will be held at the Library Center, 4653 S Campbell Ave, in rooms A and B.


Jacke M. said...

This was a great meeting that I wish would have been better attended. It was fairly attended but it could have been better.

It was very informational. Watch CFP for a report on it in the near future.

I do have a question for a certain person: When have I NOT treated you fairly??? That question kind of threw me because I felt I always HAD treated you fairly. All I've ever done is report on you and what you, yourself, say....And,

you know who you are.

~ Jackie

tom said...

I guess you haven't received your answer yet ??

Fairly is truly in the eyes of the beholder, especially if the beholder always feels they are correct and can't take any constructive critism.

Jacke M. said...

Actually, Tom, I did receive my answer. I misunderstood the point this person was making so everything is cool...fer now. ;)