Monday, May 05, 2008

Confusion by design???

Sometimes I wonder

Edit: The parks projects were not a part of the Transportation Tax Funding. That was a different tax. I still think it was confusing to list it on the informational page for transportation funding. Ms. Whall has provided me with a link to a page that doesn't include it but that doesn't change the fact that it was included on the page I viewed, originally. I am trying to get some additional information that I will post regarding the general nature of what the transportation tax can be used for before adding any more. I'll have a separate post on that soon. - J.

I may have some clarification coming for this post, relating to Council Bill 2008-116. First, I will have to make sure I understand what the City's Information Director is telling me before I can clarify it for the readers of this blog. I have sent off an email with questions for clarification. As soon as I hear back and have a better understanding I will share it here.

There seems to be some confusion on my part. I expected when I entered transportation tax into the city's search bar and came up with a page titled 1/8 cent transportation tax that the informational page headed that way would pertain to the 1/8 cent transportation tax.

Apparently, there is information about other tax revenue that may or may not be related to the transportation tax on the transportation tax informational page.

Rather confusin' don't you think?

~ Jackie

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Anonymous said...

whole idea behind any tax issue is organized confusion.

They will provide a list of wonderful projects and then when they get the money,

it will go somewhere else or it will go to pay for a new bright idea they just came up with...

They need to post some signs such as "completed and losing money as promised..."