Friday, September 07, 2007

Walk Now for Autism

I know I already posted on this yesterday but that was before Jason Wert and Amy Burnett appeared on KSGF. Listen to this pod cast from the Vincent David Jericho Show this morning and try to get out to the Walk Now for Autism event tomorrow.

From Jason's blog, Walk Now This Saturday:

This Saturday is the Walk Now For Autism event at Jordan Valley Park.Registration begins at 9am with the walk starting at 10. Families from all over the Ozarks who have children with autism will gather to raise awareness of autism and to raise money for research to help find a cure for their children.


Anonymous said...

for those with family or friends in the Autism spectrum

the information below may be of interest.

( Some of the links below may have to be "copy and pasted" into the web browser. )

Mercury toxicity, Thimerosal & Autism

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department

Part 1 5:41 Autism / mercury / vaccines / Gulf war syndrome /
2000 IOM Conference Research funding corruption at 2004 IOM Conference / NIH

part 2 4:28 Antibiotics / Thimerosal / contact lens solutions

part 3 5:51 boy/ girl Autism ratios Thimerosal response to hormones

part 4 8:56 Autism genetics / 1977 Thimerosal deaths in Canada / dentistry / IQ of the CDC & NIH

J.B. Handley NBC Interview Autism & Mercury Poisoning
February 25, 2005

Symptoms of mercury poisoning / Symptoms of Autism / boy / girl ratios ADHD

Don Imus

thank you Jacke, cj

Jacke M. said...

I'm reading some of the links, cj.

Very informative.

Thank you for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

a bit of other Autism/ vaccine background;

Representative Dan Burton of Indiana had led the way for Autism research and investigations in the United States Congress.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has no idea as to the cause of the "sudden/ next day Autism" of Representative Burton's grandson. The child received nine vaccinations in one day, seven of which contained the mercury/ vaccine preservative Thimerosal.

For some reason, the symptoms for mercury poisoning and the symptoms of Autism are the same. For some reason, "high rates of Autism" are not found in Amish populations, who do not vaccinate their children. The CDC does not see a link between moving from 5 or 6 vaccinations for pre-schoolers in the 1980's to the present schedule of 25-30.

The CDC is presently spending millions of dollars to look for a "genetic link" to Autism, rather than make efforts to provide treatments for the possible mercury poisoning of a generation of American children.

This "genetic link theory" seeks to explain how a normal, talking two-year old child could suddenly stop talking, stop developing normally, and become Autistic.

This would be somewhat similar to a child suddenly "changing genetically" and "developing" Down's Syndrome.

Perhaps someday, the CDC will locate the "genetic defect" of Representative Burton's grandson.... At present, It will not fund any further research into mercury vaccine preservative Thimerosal.

The Eli Lilly Company lacks an interest to investigate the safety of their Thimerosal product.
/ which has never had full, proper, FDA testing and approval, since it was "grandfathered" into vaccine use in the late 30's.