Friday, September 07, 2007

Military: Special breed, selfless

In reply to Peacenik Collin's letter in the News-Leader, Deadline today for opt out decision:

There are many reasons young people join the military. Some who join realize that there are opportunities made available to them that they might not otherwise have but, bottom line, joining is a selfless act. Even if they join for reasons having to do with self promotion, such as the money or the education afforded them, they have decided to give more of themselves in service to their country than they will receive in return. There can never be a benefit to "pay" for their willingness to offer their lives in sacrifice to their country.

People who join the military are a special breed. People like those involved with Peace Networks of the Ozarks would have you believe that they are stupid for making the decision to join the military, or uninformed or immature and don't know what they're doing. Hogwash. I'd wager that teens who sign up for the military have characteristics which the Peace Networks of the Ozarks do not have and will never understand. In short, if they want to see stupidity, ignorance and immaturity, I'd suggest they raise their mirror and look long and hard at their own reflection.

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