Thursday, September 20, 2007

Council Bill 2007-301

Oh, all right. I just haven't been in the mood to post about this but here it is anyway:

Council Bill 2007-301 will extend the MDFB loan on the Heer's building to cover the time frame it'll take for the Heer's building sale to close, actually beyond that time frame.

It still doesn't explain how the sale of $3 million is going to cover a loan of $3,100,000, the almost $260,000 set aside from the general fund back in June and the additional $26,000 the city is going to ask the council to approve to amend the budget to cover additional interest tomorrow night*...but hey, the Springfield News-Leader said the city is going to net $3 million on the Heer's deal so whadda I know?

*Geesh, I meant Monday night, the 24th


Anonymous said...

An additional cost of Springfield's Heer's experience, amost never mentioned, is the money spent on legal counsel... the city's Heer's maneuver is costing more than most realize.

Odd that our NewsLeader, Springfield's newspaper of record, has never put together an overall cost to the city, re: Heer's tower... Have to wonder why in the world they haven't...

Anonymous said...

I would guess the City of Spfd could provide the total value of checks they write to the News-Leader each year for legal advertising and other printing.
This would be a number of interest.

& it might impact the News-Leader's editorial program.

Does Mr. Finnie approve everything they write anyways ???

As he is now a "contractor" for the City, he has to turn in a written expense record for his work. This would make a great article for another local paper...

go jackie...