Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Item of Interest on the Springfield City Council Agenda

Item 18 - Council Bill 2007-183

City of Springfield, MO - Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda


PURPOSE: This ordinance was drafted to help the city deal with the number of open parking violations within the city, primarily in the downtown area. This ordinance allows our Police Department and city staff to attach an immobilization device, commonly called a 'parking boot,' to vehicles with open parking violations. If an officer or other city staff observes a vehicle with an open parking violation they will be authorized under this ordinance to attach the immobilization device to the vehicle. Accompanying the device will be a statement informing the violator of the provisions of the ordinance and providing contact information on where to go to obtain a release. The violator must obtain a release from the Police Department in order to remove the device. The Police Department will release the vehicle upon payment of a $50 fee, plus payment for all of the violator's open parking violations.

The ordinance also state that it will be unlawful to remove the device before obtaining a release, or to damage the device. If the device is damaged this ordinance presumes that the registered owner of the vehicle caused the damage and holds that person liable for the costs of repair or replacement. The owner may provide information as to the actual cause of the damage to escape this liability. If the vehicle stay immobilized for a period of 72 hours, the City will be authorized to have the vehicle impounded.

Submitted by City Attorney, Dan Wichmer Approved by City Manager, Bob Cumley


Anonymous said...

I noticed on Fox News that a 24,000 seat Charlotte, NC Coliseum was imploded last Sunday to make room for a
new park, shopping and a new hotel. Sounds familiar ?? The structure opened in 1988, when I assume Mr. Finnie assistant City Manager of Charlotte.
I wonder who came up with this bright idea that I assume was paid for with tax dollars, blown up with
tax dollars and taxes will build what takes its place....

Jacke M. said...

You bring up important points, anon, but to clarify myself, I don't begrudge the City making improvements or even necessarily building parking garages or investing in our parks. Where I have an issue is with how much is spent in these areas.

There will be more coming out about the Springfield City Budget that was passed Monday night as time goes on, but I will note that Cindy Rushefsky voted against the bill which authorized the Building Development Department to transfer funds, I believe from payroll, to be used for remodeling their department to the tune of $163,000. Rushefsky would have preferred to have seen that money go to the police and firefighters' pension fund and so would I.

Jacke M. said...

Update: Rushefsky writes:

"I did not support the appropriation because I did not think this was the time to spend money on it. While it may be worthwhile, it is basically a convenience and not a necessity. Many other departments are struggling to meet basic needs."