Monday, June 18, 2007

I serve a God who heals the sick

Some readers who happen by this blog might not think so, and you are each and every one welcome to your opinion, whatever your opinion

I still serve a God who heals the sick.

I've heard several testimonies this week I'd like to share.

First, I have an Uncle who is 81 years old and is a retired Military Chaplain. He isn't and hasn't been in the best of health and his balance is not that great, but when his little great granddaughter lost her helium balloon a short time ago his reflexes kicked in and my Uncle ran to catch that balloon. When he did, he lost his balance, fell and hit his head on a concrete curb. His brain swelled and in short order he was scheduled for a surgery. My Aunt, also 81 put him on a prayer chain and notified the family and all of the family was praying for him as well, anyway, those of us who pray. He ended up not even having to have surgery. The swelling has gone down and he is recuperating nicely.

Then there were a couple of testimonies I heard in my church on Sunday.

"Peggy" was diagosed with having cancer, then it was changed to a diagnosis of 4 hernias and she had surgery. During the surgery the Doctor noticed a large spot on one of her lungs. He wanted to do another scan to see what that large spot could be. Peggy went home and had a long talk with God about it. She was happy, she was at peace and she didn't expect that spot to be anything other than scar tissue. When she went back to the Doctor and they did the scan to check that spot, there was no spot. The Doctor told her he didn't know what happened but that spot had been there and now it wasn't. Peggy told him she knew what had happened. :) He said, well he did too, but he couldn't open that conversation.

The other testimony from my church is about "Sarah." Sarah was told that she wouldn't live to be 50 years old. She's suffered with diabetes and weight problems since I have known her. To make this story short and sweet, Sarah celebrated her 50th birthday a couple of weeks ago and then last week, as the icing on the cake, so to speak, the Doctor took her off of all her medication. Sarah doesn't need it anymore. How sweet it is. :)

All of you readers of this blog who believe in prayer and believe that the God you serve heals the sick, I have a prayer request for you.

My Mother is sick. My Mother is scheduled for surgery and has been having a very difficult time. I know of just the Physician to heal her. I know of a Surgeon who can right all wrongs without ever picking up a scalpel. I know of a Comforter who can take away all pain and confusion.

You see, I serve a God who heals the sick.

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