Thursday, June 28, 2007

Council Bill 2007-217 ~ A resolution accepting the term sheet between the City of Springfield and McGowan-Walsh...

...for the purchase and redevelopment of the Heer's Building, and directing the City Manager to negotiate a Redevelopment Agreement with McGowan-Walsh in substantial conformity with the terms set forth with the term sheet.

First reading bill, not anticipated to be voted on.

UPDATE: Access to the bill is now available by clicking on the hot link of Council Bill 2007-217, found on the Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda

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shak el said...

I dont remember exactly how the city got ownership of Heer's...the last i had heard was that a owner was waiting for an insurance settlement and was about to recieve thing the city was dictatiing to delopers about the property...this is a money pit and should just be demo'ed.