Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Top Ten Reasons the News-Leader could be in Trouble:

Okay, Tony Messenger at the News-Leader was having a little fun with a David Letterman Top Ten list so I was in the mood to play too. I thought I might as well post it here.

Here, according to JackeHammer are the

Top Ten Reasons the News-Leader could be in Trouble:

10. Your neighbors won't pick them up, they blow into your yard and the recycling plant won't even take them.

9. Toilet paper is more bio-degradable (think green!)

8. People prefer magazine glossies for paper mache projects

7. Kites can be had fer a buck at the dollar store

6. Due to the local school system your children can no longer read the funny pages anyway

5. No one makes paper hats out of newspaper anymore

4. The writers have so little to write about they are forced to start quoting toothless Ozarks bloggers

3. The Community Free Press is more interesting

2. America's bravest return home to a crowd of 2,000 cheering Patriots but the story is buried on page 5

....and the No. 1 reason your newspaper could be in trouble...

(drum roll please)

Desdinova: Super Villain of the Ozarks buys out yer paper and turns it into a conservative talk radio station