Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recommended listening: Vincent David Jericho

Follow this link KSGF Podcasts > Home and listen to the Vincent David Jericho May 10, 2007 program from the 6:00 hour through the 7:50 podcast segment. If you do this today, May 10, you will click on the "Vincent David Jericho This Morning" link, if not look for it in "This Week" or the "Best of Jericho" links.

Jericho addresses some serious issues this morning pertaining to the fact that Tony Blaiir, our staunchest international ally in the war on terrorism will soon be resigning and the effects it will have both internationally and domestically.

He touches on the "Castle Bill" which presumes that a person breaking forceably into your private property does so violently and can be presumed to be a dangerous threat to your person. The Castle Bill allows citizens the right to defend themselves with deadly force without legal repercussion under such circumstances.

We are in the middle of serious times in our nation and they are going to get even more serious. We have to be willing to fight for what is right and hold fast to our convictions. We cannot afford to surrender to Islamic fascism and turning a blind eye to the direction our country is being taken by politicians who have no back bone is not going to save us from defeat.

If you love America, the America of old, the idealistic America that believed in freedom and truth, justice, free speech and yes, religious freedom even when you didn't necessarily agree or like what was being said, then you must listen and not allow America's freedoms to be defeated.

Love him or hate him, Vincent David Jericho is raw and honest. Disagree with his philosophy, argue against it, challenge it, debate it if you can.

If you have an argument or comment keep in mind that personal attacks against his character or his family are not welcome. If there are comments made that only attack his character or his family then you will be exposing the fact that you cannot argue against his philosophy and that his concerns are legitimate. Think before you comment, I don't especially enjoy seeing people embarrass themselves here.


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

I'm not sure how much Vince and I agree on, but I do like the guy. I've met him in person. He's human, he catches a lot of hell for what he does, and he believes in what he's doing.

And he's done a lot. He helped get the city audit word out. He played a big part in getting Doug Burlison elected. Even one of his toughest critics had to acknowlege the good work Vince did during the ice storm.

And I hope to God we never see the (un)Fairness Doctrine return, because talk radio would be reduced to the level of listening to golf tournaments or knitting shows.

Jacke M. said...

Some people find knitting very exciting but I'm not one of them.