Wednesday, April 04, 2007

John Stone, Curbstone Critic

Having had my comments removed by two local bloggers in the past because they disagreed with my political views, this blogger particularly appreciated the author of the Curbstone Critic.

The first and only time I met John in person was at the live bloggers event at the Patton Alley Pub on election night in November of 2006. We hit it off famously and continued to spat between his and my blog ever after, not that we hadn't spatted before I met him.

John Stone told me at our meeting that he'd been advised by another local blogger that he shouldn't allow me to comment on his blog but John welcomed me there and I welcomed him here. Though we disagreed on more than we agreed upon he was usually the first blog site I checked in the morning and the last blog site I checked at night.

I didn't approve of many of John's posts, but I didn't have to. They were John's posts and John, unlike many of the other bloggers in town would engage me and I him and our exchanges were always good hearted for the most part. If we didn't care about each other we wouldn't have spent nearly so much time buggin' the crap out of each other. I think he loved the way I picked at him and I know I loved the way he picked at me. I can't begin to say or write how much I will miss him.

As the day drags on I continue to realize that the fact that he's gone just simply hasn't sunk in yet. I'm not sure when it will. Some people might not have understood our strange relationship but I did and John did. I'm smiling now as I think about a post I found of his at Pharyngula, something to the effect that there's a blogger who disagrees with me and you but she's kinda cute.... I never told him I found that post but the feeling was definitely mutual.

John Stone will be greatly missed by many in this City. I am one of them.

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