Thursday, April 19, 2007

In case anyone noticed....

...ding dang it.

I've been without internet service and a phone line for about three days.

I was blaming it on City Utilities workers who were doing some tree trimming in the area, but it turns out it wasn't their fault after all.

It was/is AT&T.

They are having "load problems," whatever that means.

I'm up and running for now but we were trying to upgrade to DSL service and now, due to "load problems," AT&T is going to reschedule our install date and they were unable to tell us what the new install date will be.

I had some things I wanted to blog about before we lost internet service. I don't really remember what they were now and they are likely dated anyway.

Sad tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Tony Messenger is growing on me:

Read: Media coverage of shooting...

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