Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saddle up your Donkeys

Naturally, all the liberals in my debate group are gloating and drawing conclusions that because the Republicans in the group haven't said a lot today after the Democrats took the House and garnered a small majority in the Senate that we're all off licking our wounds and pouting, crying and sulking, angry and depressed.

I'm not. I'm thankful to be living in the greatest country in the world. I'm happy that Republicans have not reacted in the way that the Democrats have reacted in the past when they have lost close elections. Crying voter suppression, voting machine irregularities, voter fraud and the like. I take a chance in saying this, hopeful that Republicans will continue to act like resigned adults, accepting of the choice of the majority in our country. It seems to me to be the responsible and graceful thing to do.

There will likely be those who will blame the media. I can't say that I would blame them for that, it is very tempting, but I don't want to react the way Democrats react to loss. This should be about what is best for our country and I don't think challenging the election every time one's party loses is the best for our country, this is where I differ from Democrats and I hope the Republican party continues to accept their loss with grace and maturity and with a hopeful optimism for the future.

There is some speculation that perhaps Allen will call for a recount in his race, see Webb Clings to Small Lead Over Allen. If the margin is slim enough I couldn't really blame him for that but for the most part Republicans have resigned themselves to the fact that the majority of Americans have spoken and have decided to give Democrats a shot at problem solving in both the House and Senate.

I have no problem with checks and balances. Perhaps they will be healthy for our Nation. That said, I am patiently waiting to see what the Democrats will actually do with their majorities since they kept their "plans" so well hidden that no one really knew what they were voting for, they only knew what they were voting against.

Republican Representatives have been too complacent. They have not been conservative. They have frustrated many of their consituents by not being attentive to what it is the people they were supposed to be representing wanted. It is true that the Bush Administration has not communicated well with the public. I'm not sure why but I don't think Republicans had to lose this election if they had lived up to their own conservative standards and communicated them well.

Likely, Republicans are missing the Great Communicator today. Facing the same problems that Bush has had, Ronald Reagan could have kept the people's support because he had a way of articulating himself that people understood and we enjoyed claiming support of him. The American people are asking for more than sound bytes and rhetoric.

So, saddle up your donkeys, Democrats. Let's see your brilliant ideas. As you've been pointing out, they can't be worse than "stay the course." I'm not so sure about that but I am truly anticipating what your "plans" will be and you can rest assured that America will be watching. Just as you are taking pride in "holding the Bush administration accountable" today, you will be held accountable for your actions. It is a grave responsibility. You asked for it, you got it.


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

I predict the following:

1. Massive tax increases on "the winners of lifes' lottery". Rich, well-connected Democrat politicians will find extra loopholes to escape it.

2. Massive social spending increases. Nothing says "I care" than taking money from people and spending it on poorly-constructed "poverty elimination" programs.

3. Massive power-going-to-politicians'-heads; Republicans fell prey to this, and spent like drunken Kennedys (which is an oxymoron, but it's fun to use), and increased government so much even Dems were complaining... but only because THEY weren't getting to do the increasing.

4. Massive scandals. Politicians, except perhaps for John Ashcroft (who may never have seen his own wife naked, he's so uptight), tend to get themselves into trouble. Power corrupts... absolute power is kinda neat.

5. Massive intrusions into our everyday existences. Politicians can't resist regulating just one more aspect of our lives; they are drawn to micromanagement like Peg Bundy was to bon-bons. And Dems will find new, exciting ways to nanny-state us from cradle to grave. I'd bet $3.50 on it.

6. Massive Ted Kennedy will still skate out of any legal responsibility for the death of Mary Jo. We should chip in and buy him a little something... a nice bottle of Scotch for lunch, perhaps. He's had a rough life.

Other than that, things will be peachy-keen, you betcha.

Jacke M. said...

Here's how I view it, we don't have to make predictions on what would happen if the Dems were in control of the House and/or Senate or even the Presidency anymore.

We are getting ready to either have our fears of what they would or wouldn't do verified or not.

I'm trying to keep a cool head and will react to what actually happens rather than what I think MIGHT happen.

I'll be watching with great interest.