Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Donkeys who Champion Ethical Purity

At The Blotter, ABC News' Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz Report:

"that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was one of the members of Congress Abramoff had allegedly implicated in his cooperation with federal prosecutors."

Abramoff who reported to a federal prison close to investigators today has begun to offer testimony regarding Democrat Senators.

In The Blotter story, Abramoff is reported to have stated that Senator Harry Reid not only accepted money from Indian Tribe clients but that Reid "requested" it. Further, The Blotter reports:

"A spokesperson for Reid, elected yesterday as the Senate Majority Leader, said the senator had done nothing illegal or unethical.

"We have no idea what Abramoff is telling prosecutors to save his skin, but I do know that these kind of old allegations are completely ridiculous and untrue," Sen. Reid's spokesman Jim Manley told ABC News." (emphasis added)

We were led to believe that such words when spoken by Republicans implicated by Abramoff rang hollow. Reid's spokesman apparently believes they will have more weight when uttered by a Democrat since everyone knows the new Democrat party plans to usher in a new age of ethical purity.

According to Pelosi has a plan for Nonpartisan ethics reform:

"Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who could become speaker of the House if her party wins enough seats, has vowed to "drain the swamp" of ethical misconduct if she wields the gavel."

Pelosi is the speaker of the house now, so, naturally, in keeping with her plan to "drain the swamp" of ethical misconduct, Pelosi is backing Rep. John Murtha for majority leader. The only problem is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) BLASTS PELOSI ENDORSEMENT OF UNETHICAL MURTHA FOR MAJORITY LEADER, where they listed Murtha as one of:

"The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch). As reported in the study and by the news media, Rep. Murtha has been involved in a number of pay-to play schemes involving former staffers and his brother, Robert “Kit” Murtha."

You can read more about Rep. Murtha at John Fund on the Trail.

Meanwhile, in other news, yesterday, November 14, 2006, S.D. page scandal senator resigns. It seems that at the same time the mainstream media, left-wing blogosphere and press were so busy with the Republican Mark Foley scandal regarding alleged inappropriate instant messages which were sexually explicit and appeared to be grooming pages for later sexual encounter, State Senator Dan Sutton (D - South Dakota) was busy avoiding judgement by a Republican controlled Senate, opting to leave, seek and gain re-election with a 57% voting majority when faced with allegations that he:

"...groped a male high school student who served as a page."

The AP story at the link above tells us that:

"The new Senate seated in January can take up the issue."

Yes, "the new Senate seated in January can take up the issue."

Foley resigns, he is taken out of the running. Sutton runs to hide, we hear next to nothing about it from the mainstream media or press who is overly occupied with the scandalous Republican Mark Foley and Sutton is quietly re-elected by 57% of South Dakota voters.

I'm so proud of our new ethically pure Majority leaders. Ain't you? ;)

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