Monday, November 20, 2006

Eating Blunt's Cake

Many in the blogosphere were pointing out that John Murtha had been identified as ethically challenged by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) before he lost his bid, with the support of Nancy Pelosi, to become Majority Leader. So, in fairness, if a collective *we* are going to consider CREW a credible and reliable source, it is only fair to point out that Representative Roy Blunt (R-MO) has also been ethically problematic. According to CREW's Beyond Delay, they had this to say about Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO):

"His ethics issues stem from his misuse of his position for the benefit of his family."

The site claims:

"By pushing for legislation that would benefit Philip Morris and UPS, and, as a consequence, his then-girlfriend and his son, Rep. Blunt may have violated federal law and House rules." (emphasis mine)

...and there's more if you are inclined to read the links.

You may be wondering why I bring this up, especially considering that in the past I have seldom called this sort of attention to Republican leaders. Well, it's because I want to be fair and like many Americans I am weary of corruption among our Representatives in Washington D.C.

I'd like to call attention to Rep. Blunt's recent statement reported at, Blunt role viewed as a ‘moderate’ signal:

"Today begins the rebirth of House Republicans’ common-sense agenda with a leadership team that is more unified than ever, ready to regain the trust of the American people and ready to restore faith in our ideals." (Again, emphasis mine)

Isn't that special? Republicans clamored for a return to conservative roots for multiple months prior to the election but there was no interest on the part of House Republicans or Senate Republicans to hear the unrest of their constituents. They had to lose their majority before they were willing to recognize that there was a serious problem with their credibility among Conservative supporters.

So, as though you are paying attention "today," Representative Blunt, I'm sorry but, at least for the time being, you're a little too late with your promises of "rebirth" and "restoration." You, in your arrogance, along with a good many other Republicans, lost the election for many fine Republican Representatives and Senators during this election cycle. Please, do remember that as you take your new position as Minority Whip in the new Congress, Representative Blunt. You can pat yourself on the back and thank yourself on behalf of Jim Talent and your Republican constituents in Missouri. I would have preferred that you had decided to return to a "common-sense agenda...regain the trust of the American people and...restore faith in (Republican) ideals" before the election rather than after the election, but what do I know?

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