Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Dream

*Dear readers, I showed my friend, Devon, my blog today because we were talking about writing and words, how to improve our vocabulary and such and I invited him to write something on my blog. I believe Devon is ten years old now (he's outside playing with a neighbor friend now or I'd ask him) and I enjoyed typing this story up as he dictated it to me, I think you'll enjoy it too. As you can see, my husband and I are soooo blessed to have our little buddy, Devon, in our lives!

Hi, I'm Devon, I wrote this story . What story you ask? The story of how I wanted to be a Christian. Do you want to hear it? Well, then buckle your seat belt and hang on tight .

Since I was three years old (when I first learned about Jesus) I wanted to know if he was actually real. So I studied the Bible and on my birthday (June 8th) I dreamed that I was a Christian. I've been having the same dream and it keeps going on and on. That's when I met my best friends Jacke and her husband and since then I've been going to Church with them and I learn more about Jesus every day and I owe it to them.

Jacke is the reason I am writing this story.

My dream was that I was at least 22 years old and I was at a church called A Church of Jesus and since I was three, when I had this dream, I dreamed that I had helped half the people on earth become Christians. In my dream, I was continuing to help people around the world until someone shot me in the head and then I have been trying to follow this dream, just like Martin Luther King, he is one of my favorite people in the world, I honor him, but not as much as I honor Jesus and so far my life is going well just as I hoped, in my dream, before I was shot.

I know that my dream has a thirty percent chance of coming true and if you are a Christian maybe you have had the same dream, if you are a kid or if not, and if you are reading this story I hope that you will do the same thing that I am trying to do because I know that Jesus will look down upon you with a smiling face. When your time has come you will be congratulated in Heaven so if this happens I want to meet the people that have read my story and if they have followed it I will congratulate them.

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