Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance to Introduce The Missouri Restoration Tour

WFNA Co-Founder Ruell Chappell issued the following news release announcing the upcoming debut of "The Missouri Restoration Tour," featuring "The Golden Age Band" -

“The Missouri Restoration Tour”

This Saturday, January 30, Gillioz theater, 7pm
> Doors open at 6pm, Presentations in the entryway, Tickets $10.00 at the door

Saturday, Jan 30, 7pm at the beautiful Gillioz theater in downtown Springfield, The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance will present an introduction to The Missouri Restoration Tour! The Missouri Restoration Tour is currently being designed to educate residents of our 27 County Food-Shed to the fact that we can’t feed ourselves, recruit farmers, producers, processors, and merchants to the need and the economic opportunity, identify supply and demand for the Well-Fed Neighbor Farmers’ Coop, introduce the County Sustainability handbook, and, ultimately, re-localize food production and a vibrant sustainable economy.

The Missouri Restoration Tour Debut will include a live music / multi-media presentation in three parts. Part 1, Missouri’s Golden Age (1890-1914); Part 2, Today ( Our current condition); and Part 3, A Restored Missouri secure in its food and economy.

Musician guests will include Ruell Chappell, Nick and Ruell and Ned the Band and, surprise guests.

Doors will open at 6pm. Tickets are $10.00 and available at the door the night of the event.

In addition to the Tour introduction there will be a host of Local Food, Energy and Sustainability exhibits in the entryway, and a status report on the Following:

> The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliances’ 1000 Garden’s project going State-Wide!
> The County Sustainability Handbook!
> The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance 501c3 and envisioned programs
> The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance Community Outreach
> The Mom’s For Local Food …… Lunch Box rebellion
> Status in Jefferson City
> The birth of the Missouri Restoration Party

And the latest and most exciting news……..

>The formation of the Well-Fed Neighbor Farmers’ Coop with the aid of Joe Maxwell ( Former Lt. Governor of Missouri, the WFNA’s General Counsel, and creator of a number of successful sustainable local coops nationwide) and Russ Kremer ( coop builder of “Fresh” fame). The WFN Farmers’ Coop is key to economic sustainability and the model through which small local producer products will find their way to local processors and, ultimately, local merchants!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be at this historic event!

The Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is dedicated to Local Food and Local Jobs; the re-localization of our food supply and a vibrant, sustainable economy!

Ruell Chappell
PresidentRCM, Inc
Co-Founder Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance

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