Friday, October 09, 2009

P & Z to Refer Urban Garden Text Amendment to City Council

and what's "JackeHammer's" opinion regarding the amendment?

Thursday night, as readers of "JackeHammer" know, the Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z) held a public hearing regarding the proposed text amendment that was unanimously recommended to them by the urban garden task force.

The P & Z Commission, in turn, unanimously voted to recommend that text amendment for consideration by the Springfield City Council at Thursday night's meeting. P & Z anticipates the proposed text amendment will be presented to the Council for first reading and public hearing on October 26.

Having stayed up to date on the issue and having reported on it extensively as the process has unfolded, I figured some of my readers would like to know my opinion on the proposed text amendment. I am allowed to have an opinion, you know? ;)

When I got home last night and looked at some of my favorite news links, I noticed that the "Show-Me Institute's" official blog, "Show-Me Daily," had weighed in on Springfield's urban garden issue. Since I had an exchange with Show-Me blogger Sarah Brodsky, in which my opinion on the amendment was outlined, I would refer you to that Brodsky entry and the comment section where my opinion was expressed. I also would refer you there because I thought the exchange between Brodsky and myself was interesting and she brings yet another opinion to the issue.

If you have any comments, please address them here, I might not, immediately, see them if posted at "Show-Me Daily," though I will try to check in periodically.


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