Thursday, October 15, 2009

BREAKING: Ruell Chappell Plans to Challenge Sara Lampe for the 138th District

Chappell announced his intentions at a Well-Fed Neighbor/Well-Fed Neighbor Farmers' Cooperative meeting on October 14

Springfield, MO - Ruell Chappell wants to unseat incumbent Sara Lampe in a run for the 138th district. Chappell said he will run on much the same platform that is resonating among farmers, growers, and sustainability advocates across 27 southwest Missouri counties. That message is the simple message of food and jobs delivered by the "Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance" (WFNA). Chappell is a co-regional coordinator of the WFNA, but you might remember him better as a member of the "Ozark Mountain Daredevils."

"I'm in it to win. It's a natural next step for our cause," Chappell told "JackeHammer" after the meeting. "There's not a person in this town who wouldn't agree we need a better economy."

Chappell believes the way to grow the economy in Missouri, is to produce, buy, and compete in the local market with local grown food, creating more local jobs. As a result, he says, that local money stays in our local economy.

"Everyone else is status quo," Chappell said. He wants to be pro-active in stimulating the economy, rather than waiting for the economy to turn around, which is what he thinks is the current stance of "status quo" politicians.

"If we want an economy, we have to make it," he said. "Local food will secure a local economy."

Chappell said he plans to run as an independent.

Sara Lampe, a Democrat, has been the 138th district representative since 2004.



Dancing Outlaw said...

is this the Ruel of Nick, Ned and Ruell: The Band?

Jackie Melton said...

No, but it IS the Ruell of Nick and Ruell and Ned The Band. ;)

Anonymous said...

Does he have a campaign song/jingle yet ?

Jackie Melton said...

I don't know.

pancho said...

This is great, great news for Springfield!

For some months now, I've heard Ruell speak up for a sustainable city. He has a solid plan for economic revival, and a timetable for energy descent from imported oil dependency. He's an independent with the rare leadership skills, heart and brains to actually get us somewhere. Where have the status-quo, partisans of political division gotten us? They seem clueless and hapless. He's got my vote.