Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MoLiCo Meeting Saturday, March 29

There's going to be a Missouri Liberty Coalition meeting this Saturday for those interested in going.

1-4 p.m. at the Midtown Library, 397 E. Central in Springfield, Missouri.

Everybody is welcome at MoLiCo meetings, you can go sound off too. It's a non-partisan citizen's group, a watchdog group keeping tabs on mostly local but also state and federal government.


Impending sales tax proposal for the police/fire pension fund
Commercial Street TIF
Container ordinance issue follow up
City budget

For more information contact Tom Martz 417-894-4322


Anonymous said...

Are you bringing cookies ?

Jacke M. said...

No. It's your turn.

tom said...

I've got the water every meeting so someone else needs to fess up on the cookies