Friday, March 21, 2008

A last word on the Metro-Republican's immigration panel discussion

The immigration panel discussion hosted by the Metro-Republicans here in Springfield recently, bears out what I wrote a long time ago regarding the immigration debate.


Those who support amnesty for illegal immigrants, for whatever their self-serving reasons, do not care about the law. They do not want to hear about the law and they do not want the law to be enforced.

Those who support illegal amnesty will give you all sorts of emotional reasons why we should allow illegals to continue to live here in America even though they broke our laws to get here, and most of them are strawmen arguments but,


Get it? They don't hear your valid arguments. They don't want to hear your legitimate arguments and they more than likely never will hear your arguments but that is not to say that you shouldn't continue to give them. The truth ALWAYS has a way of winning out over lies and strawmen arguments eventually.

Now, one last little item on my agenda here and then I've got to move on to other business and won't have any more time for this for a while, and actually, don't anticipate returning to the non-topic anytime soon.

Vincent David Jericho is on the radio three hours a day, five days a week. He accepts callers who can ask him anything they want to ask him. Why would he need to do an interview with anyone? I mean, you get him (or can get him) three hours a day, five days a week. Those of you who would like to see the man lose his job, or provide material support to others who would like to see him lose his job, need an INTERVIEW???

What's the matter? Can't get enough of him???

Really, get a *life* and get over it.

People have formats and forums, blog pages like this one,* letters to the editor of their local paper, all sorts of recourse to defend themselves, condemn others or build others up and communicate any message they'd like to communicate. To pretend it cannot be done except in one particular forum or one particular fashion is not only ridiculous, it's...well, never mind.

I exercise my freedom of speech as often as I want right here, I can share any opinion I want right here. I can just do it, of course with it comes responsibility, responsibility to get my facts straight and having a legitimate foundation for my opinions doesn't hurt. People will either read it and respect it or they won't, and no one has any more power over any other person than they give them.

*If you are interested in creating your own blog but don't know how to get started, it's really very simple and if you will click on my profile link you will find my email address. I'd be happy to direct you to a blog server.


Jason said...

"Those of you who would like to see the man lose his job, or provide material support to others who would like to see him lose his job, need an INTERVIEW???"

Can you provide us evidence of who these people are? Since you like to say you have your facts straight you should have no trouble backing up this claim.

Jacke M. said...

The evidence is all out there. People who are interested need only to read it.

Now, re-read the title of the post. I meant it.

Jason said...
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tom said...


This is one of those discussions which neither side will win, nor is either side going to cave in any of there beliefs. What your going through right now is one of the many reasons why I ignore this topic as a discussion topic.

The current law crowd is correct NO matter what the other side says and the proof is ART IV SEC IV of the U.S. Constitution. The federal government mandates the laws of immigration and protection of this nation, not the individual border states. The problem occurs when you get people in DC that don't abide by their oath of office and the sheeple keep electing them back into office.
We can see the results right here in our own town of ignorant voters or those that vote that don't educate themselves to the manner in which their candidate of choice votes.

Great post !!!! don't lose you individual spirit or you'll have nothing that separates you from the rest of them.