Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Park Central Square

We haven't heard the last of it.

After the Council luncheon today I mentioned to Councilman Chiles that I was sorry I didn't get to speak to him about the Park Central Square issue as it relates to Lawrence Halprin's design (he didn't return my call after I tagged him the second time) and he mentioned back that we haven't heard the last of this issue. I agreed with him and here's why. I realize I'm not the one to break this news, I got the link to this updated version from an online letter at the News-Leader, though I had knowledge of their involvement before the Special Council meeting called February 12.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation is suggesting that you can help by sending a letter requesting full consideration of the Lawrence Halprin design to:

The Springfield City Council

Springfield Landmarks Board

Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation

The Springfield News-Leader print editor

The Springfield News-Leader on-line editor

Missouri State Historic Preservation Office

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