Monday, February 11, 2008

Council Bill 2008-052, Park Central Square Renovation

It's 1:07 p.m. and citizens interested in the bill which Council will vote on at 11:30 tomorrow morning is still not available online. The bill authorizes city staff to adopt the design proposal of Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc. for the downtown (Park Central) square.

I have a copy of the bill in my possession, my thanks to Mike Brothers of the city's Public Information Office for spending a great deal of time on my behalf getting this information to me.

Brothers wrote in an email response that they will be voting on the resolution on Tuesday, February 12. Brothers indicated that because it is a resolution it only requires one reading and the Council can vote on it. He wrote, "The Council could decide to hold it over, but that doesn't often happen with a resolution."

Here is what he gave as the reason for it being held in a Tuesday vote rather on the Monday night agenda:

"The reason it was called for Tuesday instead of Monday was to make sure we would be able to meet the 24-hour posting notice per the sunshine law, which would be 11:30 a.m. today, in case it wasn't completed by end of the day Friday."

Since it is (or was) still unavailable online (at the time of this writing), here is the pertinent information on the bill, transcribed from the document Brothers sent me this morning, some of the layout varies but the words are directly from the bill:

Sponsored by: Deaver

Substitute No. 1


AUTHORIZING city staff to adopt the design proposal of Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc. for the downtown square.


WHEREAS, the City of Springfield has determined that the downtown square is a functionally obsolete public asset, last renovated 38 years ago; and

WHEREAS, for the last year, the City, the Urban Districts Alliance and a committee comprised of members of the community conducted numerous public meetings to seek input from members of the general public regarding design alternatives for the downtown square; and,

WHEREAS, over 750 people offered input to assist in designing alternatives for the downtown square; and,

WHEREAS, Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc. designed three variations for the redesign of the downtown square; and,

WHEREAS, the City Council, in an effort to comply with time frames set forth in the redevelopment agreement with Kevin McGowan for the redevelopment of the Heer's Building has determined that design alternatives proposed by Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc. have sufficiently encompassed the concerns and proposals offered by the citizens of the City of Springfield and are ready to proceed with the design and construction of the downtown improvements; and

WHEREAS, the City has obtained federal funding for the design and implementation of Phase 1 for the redevelopment of the downtown square; and

WHEREAS, Urban Districts Alliance, the City, and the business community are working in a joint effort to raise funds to assist in implementing the remaining phases of the square.*


Section 1 - The recommended design of Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc., as presented to the Springfield City Council on February 5, 2008,* is hereby accepted by the City Council of the City of Springfield as the proposed design for improvements to the downtown square.

Section 2 - City Council hereby directs staff to take any and all steps necessary to prepare plans, documents, and drawings and to proceed with the design set forth above. The City Manager is further authorized to enter into agreements necessary to effectuate the terms of this resolution.

Section 3 - This resolution shall be effective immediately upon adoption.





To adopt the design proposal of Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc for development of the downtown square and to permit the City Manager to enter into agreements to meet the terms of the resolution.


The City of Springfield received a federal grant to assist in the renovation of Park Central Square. After an extensive public input process, Butler Rosenbury & Partners presented alternative designs to City Council on February 5, 2008.


This resolution adopts the recommended alternative design presented February 5, 2008, directs staff to proceed with construction plans, and authorizes the City Manager to take all actions necessary to implement the preferred design.

Submitted and approved by:
Bob Cumley
City Manager

Mike Brothers, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Springfield wrote:

"The public will be able to comment on Tuesday."

If you would like to comment tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12, 2008, the meeting will be conveniently held in City Council Chambers at 11:30 a.m.
*Emphasis mine. Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Inc., recommended the complete package offered, Phase 1, 2 and 3.


Busplunge said...

so, will this cost more than the $1 million ? If so, where is the rest of the money going to come from?

Jacke M. said...

"so, will this cost more than the $1 million ?"


"If so, where is the rest of the money going to come from?"

From the bill:

"Urban Districts Alliance, the City, and the business community are working in a joint effort to raise funds to assist in implementing the remaining phases of the square."

Just thinkin' said...

The "square deal" doesn't seem like a square deal the way the city has pushed this on through without the public being given much information on it or opportunity to speak as to the final plan before they vote.

Just thinkin' said...

With the city hall closed for business today because of weather will that cause them to not actually meet the 24-hour notice required to conduct business Tuesday at 11:30?

Jason said...

City Hall wasn't completely closed today. Some offices were open.

Anonymous said...

I believe the orginal intent was for those of interest to submit a one million dollar project for the square.

After that process, they went back to the drawing board and decided to triple the original costs & intent.

This trick was probably learned from watching JQH bait and switch his hotel project from the original statements.

Looks like the City Council will again have to eat what the City Staff places in front of them.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't it publicly announced to citizens that city hall was closed today? All offices were closed was what I understood on the news. That seemed to be the public perception and information on the resolution was not available to average citizens

tom said...

more like that done it this way so as not to allow the public any input.

Anonymous said...

Has there been one dollar of profit yet from the Jordan Valley La La Land that runs from National soon to Kansas Expressway ??

I would guess not, however the new airport will soon take over as the endless black hole for public funds. The public will then be blamed for not being good citizens & flying out of Springfield.

Anonymous said...


Did you go to the Tuesday Council meeting today?

Jacke M. said...

Yes, I went to the Council meeting Tuesday (today).

Anonymous said...

Well...., I guess you answered that question :)

Just thinkin' said...

Sure was an interesting watch. Dan Chiles was brilliant! Doug Burleson had a reasonable suggestion that the architect seemed willing to work with, but if anyone bought it, they didn't speak up. Dan Chiles is a maverick to stand up for what he believes in that environment!!!! Not often you see anybody vote no to what the city staff wants.