Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Item (15) of interest on the July 30, 2007 Springfield City Council Agenda: Bill 2007-238

I don't mean to be nitpicky (well, maybe I do) but Brenda Cirtin, City Clerk, and Bob Cumley, City Manager, have respectively submitted and approved Council Bill 2007-238. The City then placed Gary Deaver's name on the bill and slapped it on the agenda for tonight.

In part the "resolution authorizes the City of Springfield to contribute $2,500 and staff time from the Public Information Office toward" making an Artrain stop at the Jefferson Footbridge possible. Artrain is a five car train that is a moving art exhibit. The exhibit would arrive in November.

I like art but I like our police and firefighters better. I think this would be a nice project if the City hadn't underfunded the police and firefighters' pension funds and if the Council wasn't going to be voting on a restructuring of the police department made necessary due to budgetary restraints at tonight's council meeting.

When I'm pinching pennies because my budget is short at home I don't usually go to dinner at Steak and Ale on Friday night before I pay my mortgage payment. But that's just me.

All together, various entities in Springfield, including the City's Parks Department and City Utilities, will be contributing $24,000 to bringing the Artrain to Springfield.

I wish we saw this sort of coming together of contributors to the cause of funding the police and firefighters' pension plans. Instead of our City's departments using discretionary money for the pension plan they like these other frivolous events. Just think if the police and fire department were more of a priority to our City's benevolent contributors than the parks and art exhibits.

Who wouldn't rather to go to Steak and Ale for a nice steak dinner than make their mortgage payment?


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

But... but... what about the chil- um, I mean, if we don't spend taxpayer money on "the arts", it means we don't care about the arts. Yeah, that's it.

Jacke M. said...

Ah feels yer pane. ;)