Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Single JackeHammer City Council Endorsement

Endorsing a political candidate, especially a Springfield City Council candidate, is an action you will rarely see coming from this particular contributor of JackeHammer, however, unapologetically, I offer my endorsement of Fred B. Ellison for Springfield City Council. 

Fred Ellison, who is running for a general City Council seat (which means every Springfield citizen has an opportunity to cast a vote for him, regardless of the zone in which the citizen lives) is the real deal. He genuinely cares about representing the citizens of Springfield through a true understanding of the facts and details surrounding each item on each agenda of the City of Springfield.  Ellison understands the process, and as a personal friend of Fred's (as disclosure) and as a previous free lance writer who covered the Springfield City Council for almost two years, I can tell you he DOES understand the issues. If you are a Springfield voter who wants a compassionate, listening representative sitting on your City Council, one who can explain the Council process and would take the time to discuss important issues with you, you could do no better than Fred Ellison.

Since I have moved out of the city limits of Springfield I cannot vote for Fred.  I need you!

I would really appreciate your vote for Fred Ellison on April 5.  



Anonymous said...

Doesn't Fred have some legal background issues?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:12,

so, then, since you asked that as a question, you don't know that he has any legal background issues, right?

in other words, put up or shut up. ;)