Monday, February 14, 2011

Vincent David Jericho's Radio Show

I still get a lot of "hits" at JackeHammer from people who are looking for Vincent David Jericho.  I didn't know until recently that the link I had previously provided was no longer current.  So, if you're looking for Vince and can't find him there is a new listing under "Links" in the side bar of this blog, just look for Crossing the World.

His new Web site address is:, and he does a show from 7-11pm every week night.  I watched the last thirty minutes or so of his show tonight.  It was nice to see his shiny face and hear the voice of my old friend again.  :)

Galen Chadwick of the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance is on Vince's show every Wednesday night for those of you who'd like to check that out as well.



Vincent David Jericho said...

Thank you young lady. You have aways been so kind!



Anonymous said...

Vince, we still and always will remember the job you did with the 2007 Ice Storm. I called in and said you deserved to have a year's worth of meals paid by the listener base and frankly owe you and Denise at least a meal or two.

Get busy as you can building your connections list on LinkedIn. God will restore what the locusts hae eaten as you follow and trust in Him.