Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farewell to Mert Seaton

as the Managing Editor of the Community Free Press

I plan to lightly summarize the December 17 issue of the Community Free Press today. Instead, to me, the most important story of the issue is the fact that the CFP is losing our much beloved Managing Editor. The issue of the 17th was the last issue which will be stamped with Seaton's approval and I know I feel the loss so probably, even more than this freelancer, do the staff members and publisher of my chief means of income. They are the ones who saw his face everyday and I know they were blessed for it.

So, here's the rundown. I have a story entitled, "West Central WOES" in the paper, covering the issue of crime in the West Central Neighborhood. Brian Brown has an article dealing with pre-filed bills and other priority topics for the upcoming State legislative session and he also discusses soon to be Governor Nixon's want of restoring Medicaid cuts. And, as usual, there is much, much more so, do pick up a copy or if that isn't possible, read the online edition.

What I really want to do today is post, in it's entirety, the last Sports column of a really nice guy who I am fortunate to have gotten to work under for almost two years now. I know everyone will join in with me in wishing Mert Seaton good luck with his new job and a wonderful and Merry Christmas and New Year. Here's his last sports column (reformatted):


A few months ago I interviewed retiring library director Annie Busch for a story that appears in this issue. When I asked Busch about her feelings on retiring she called it “bittersweet.” I truly didn’t understand what that meant until now.

This is my last issue as a staff member of the Community Free Press. I will be leaving at the end of the year to pursue other opportunities. On one hand, I am excited about my future endeavors. But, on the other hand, there is a feeling of sorrow about leaving a place, and people, that has given me more than I could ever explain.

First off, I would like to thank our publishers, Breck and Amanda Langsford, for showing me the ends and outs of this business, and for taking a chance on a bright-eyed rookie right out of college. You guys are more than bosses; you are friends who have made a lasting impact on my life.

Next, I would like to thank the current and past staff members of CFP. I could not have done any of this without you. Your dedication and hard work was an inspiration for me each and every day.

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to give a heart-felt thank you to our readers. You caring, supportive people have been one of the main reasons I succeeded for two years. You have been with me for the birth of a child and the death of a family member. You publicly witnessed my successes and failures. And, for the most part, you accepted me into your circles with open arms and hearts. Sometimes, we in the media forget about our most important clients —you. I tried to do my best to make this paper something the people in the community would be proud of, and I hope I have made you feel important and needed. As I leave this place there are too many fond memories to recall. But, what I will remember most is all the praise and criticism you, the reader, gave me. You made this paper what it is today, and I implore you to keep making it the best community newspaper in town.

As I type this, I struggle to find a way to end. There are so many more people to thank and so much more I want to say. But, as Mark Twain once said, “It is better to appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.” So, in order to remain somewhat intelligent I will only say this:

Goodbye, good luck, and thank you for the memories.

Since the Community Free Press has no place to leave online comments, you are welcome to leave well wishes for Mert Seaton here, in the comment section of this blog or, and this would be the best method: consider writing a letter to the editor of CFP and let them know how much Mert will be missed. You can do that by writing to this address:, be sure and include your name and phone number for verification purposes, only.



Chris Wilson said...

I'm sorry to see him go. I like Mert. I hope his next job is great for him.

Thanks to Jackie for the updates on CFP. I appreciate the highlights of the issue.

Дж. Хьюз said...

Mert Seaton has been nothing but a class act and a credit to CFP (and our community). I hope that he is leaving under his own power for a job he finds appealing, and I wish him and his family nothing but the best.


tom said...

Mert was easily approachable and allowed for the CFP to cover items of issue which one would not find in the News Leader.

Breck & Amanda are going to have some rather large shoes to fill