Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recommended Reading 12: School Choice

Once in a while I like to see what my friend, Suzi Brozman, is doing over at Atlanta JT Online. I found this very interesting:

NEWS: Georgia Tax Bill to Benefit Day Schools

"The Georgia General Assembly has sent Gov. Sonny Perdue legislation that would allow people and businesses to donate money they'd otherwise pay in state taxes to help families choose the best schools for their children. ....

...The teachers unions oppose the legislation, saying it would weaken public schools. But ultimately, Rabbi Kapenstein said, the goal is not to benefit schools, but to help children."*

Psssst, Tony....they're not vouchers.....

*emphasis mine


Busplunge said...

I have nine brothers and sisters. All ten of us went to church schools. My Dad adamantly was against any kind of government subsidy of these church schools.
He did not want the federal or state government giving the schools we attended any money.

Dad said when the federal government gives you money, they can also tell you how to spend it.

Jacke M. said...

Jim, in this case the government doesn't give the schools money. The government gives tax credits to donors of scholarship money to encourage donors to so that poor people who can't afford the option of sending their children to the sort of school you and your brothers and sisters enjoyed have that option too. Not necessarily "church" schools and not even necessarily outside of the public school system (in the case of HB808 that was the case, I haven't studied this one closely but it sounds very similar to the HB808that failed in MO and received atrociously inaccurate press coverage).

Busplunge said...

Tax Credits?
Don't get me started on tax credits.
You know how I feel about them.

Jacke M. said...

Humph. And people call you a "liberal." ;)

Busplunge said...

That's because some down here equate "thinking" with being "liberal".

But on the other hand, I got a fish decal on my bus.