Saturday, December 09, 2006

Panel Meets on Evangelicals' Portrayal in News

In Panelists: Evangelicals can help with their portrayal in news - (BP), in which it is reported Southern Baptists were represented by an ethics leader, a Christian radio talk show host was in attendance, along with an ABC News Producer and former religious writers for a couple of major news magazines, there was discussion about the representation of evangelical Christians by the media.

At one point:

"Jeanmarie Condon, a senior producer for ABC News said she believes the three-fold role of ABC and the rest of the news media is:

-- “To take seriously the fact that religion is a major mover and motivator for people all around the world and that it needs to be considered carefully in our coverage of almost any story.

-- “Not to treat it like an anthropological study, but to cover it from the inside, to look at what ideas people are debating, what causes conflict within various movements, what people agree on, what’s bothering them, what people are talking about around their Sunday dinner table.

-- “And the third thing is to provoke discussion.”"

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