Sunday, September 24, 2006

How About Some Disjointed Thoughts?

Thought I'd pop in and type out a few words. I don't even really know where it's going to lead. I've got loads of things on my mind.

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew came and spent the day and all evening with us yesterday. We celebrated my mother's 71st birthday. Her birthday isn't actually until Wednesday but we cheated a little. I decorated a very laughable birthday cake but after putting the candles in it it didn't look all that bad. It tasted great with the help of a little Blue Bunny on top! ;)

I had a really interesting discussion about religion with my brother. Something we hadn't talked about in a very long time. The last time we talked about it we got in a bit of a tiff (it might have just been me) but we both really enjoyed the discussion last night and I think it reminded us of how much we USED to enjoy talking. I hope we can continue the discussion.

The Libertarian Guy (tm) had a funny post that I read and shared with my brother, Insanity on a worldwide scale. He is running for the 134th district House seat in Missouri, read more about his platform here: Rodgers for 134th District, personally, I think he's far too cool to be a representative, I doubt the majority of his constituents could be represented by such a cool dude (and excuse my terminology, I ain't very cool, myself) considering they simply cannot measure up to him on the cool scale. ;)

Dan and Jeanne commented on Irreconcilable Differences, recommending that I read Wes Wilson's White Horse Journal. When reading Dan and Jeanne's blog I discovered they mentioned that "Wes" is Dan's brother-in-law, I don't know if this is Wes Wilson or just coincidental but upon reading Wes' entry at White Horse Journal, Justice for the Middle East, where he suggests:

"The world sees that it is only America that funds and arms Israel, so when Israel makes a blunder we too are blamed - hence the World Trade Center bombings and the outflow in the billions for homeland security protection plan contracts. Consequently we need to insist on supporting only our own mainstay virtues of American Democracy in all our dealings concerning Israel and the rest of occupied Palestine. This means that we must make clear that we Americans are not Zionists - and that every democracy that we Americans help build or fund with our own hard earned tax dollars and potent military hardware must be 100% secular - like we are - and that each citizen-inhabitant must be treated equally before the law. That is, there can be no exclusive theocracy or nepotistic tribalism allowed or even tolerated if any American tax dollars or armaments are going to be used to fund, support, or defend it. This will mean that instead of the "two country" policy 'solution' - which is not a solution and never will be (e.g. Hamas) - must be abandoned in favor of a "one country solution" like the one we have fought for and now launched at great cost in Iraq - or else all our support will stop. When and if this is adopted by our government as its new policy for Israel-Palestine it will mean that eventually the voting population of Israel-Palestine will become more and more Palestinian. This will mean that the compromises favoring 'justice for all' that are not being addressed now - will surely be addressed as the Palestinian votes add up within this new Democratic country - by vote, not by force - which is of course the only way a true democracy should work.

When this policy is in place - like we are attempting in Iraq - each citizen of Israel-Palestine will get one vote - whether Israeli or Palestinian, Jew, agnostic, Christian or Muslim. When such a broad and honorable way of dealing with the entire "Middle East Crisis" becomes widely known as the official American foreign policy - then we will be seen by all parties to be treating all people involved equally and fairly - and terror against Americans worldwide will subside dramatically."

I suppose Dan and Jeanne think this is an impressive idea. I am being generous when I say that I think it is unfeasible and impossible. To suggest that we do away with Israel as a country, in favor of a new country which would incompass Israel and Palestine together completely ignores the basic fact that Palestinans have been used as pawns by more malevolent entities, such as Hamas and Hezbollah. These TERRORISTS control the Palestinians' actions and reactions in much the same way Islam's Imams recently controlled the Muslim reaction to the Pope's comments about Mohammed. The Palestinians are taught by radical fascist terrorists to hate Israel, to hate the U.S. and to act out in violent ways against them.

Mr. Wilson seems to think if we simply tell the Palestinians that we aren't Zionists and promote the misnomer idea that we can all get along that eventually they'll stop attacking us? That "terror against Americans worldwide will subside dramatically?" All we need to do is talk to them, make Israel (?) one country which includes Palestinians and the world will live in peace...Kumbaya muh Lord, kumbaya...

Okay, so it IS a novel and new idea but I'd suggest that there could be a reason no one else is espousing it? :::hint, hint:::

I'm calling a man about a job tomorrow. I think it will be flexible enough to allow me to care for my Ma and do something I've dreamed of doing my whole life...I'll let you know how that turns out. :)

I nearly FAINTED when I heard Bill Clinton barely fall short of having a mental breakdown on Fox News Sunday with Mike Wallace this morning!!!!!!! Ahahahahaha! It is a vast right wing conspiracy, after all! I'm lovin' it! And speaking of that catch phrase I'm so broke I can't even afford a McDonald's cheeseburger.*

*Hint, hint to that guy I'm calling about a job tomorrow. ;)

Dang, I've missed having the time to write here. I know it's disjointed, but you have NO idea why...heh, heh.


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Being a humble guy, and not afraid to mention - repeatedly - the boundless limits of my humility... I'm not THAT cool, Jacke.

Therefore, I can only give you one more future post to say nice things about me. ;)

Jacke M. said...

I'll see if I can keep it to a low roar.