Monday, December 19, 2005

Yes, Virginia! There are Worthwhile "Progressive" Christian Blogs!

Okay, I have mentioned several times that I frequent "Progressive" Christian blogsites. I do so to find common ground, question what I believe and help me to understand why I believe what I believe. I learned long ago that an excellent tool of learning is debate. It forces me to examine my heart, question my beliefs, challenges my faith and challenges me to read other viewpoints which I would probably not read or hear about if I did not read and comment on "Progressive" Christian blogsites.

I have learned that, just as in any endeavor which includes the human element, that there are honest people and intellectually dishonest people. I would like to believe that all Christian bloggers are truth seekers, that all Christian bloggers are out to learn and discover the truth of all matters, whether in the spiritual or political realm. What I have found is that not every blogger of the Christian faith is as interested in spiritual matters as they are in promoting their own progressive politics. These are people who will twist the scripture to either say or not say what they would have it say or not say to support their agendas, and I am sure that happens both among "Progressive" and "Conservative" Christians. For those bloggers I have little respect.

Now, I am not going to identify bloggers which I have little respect for, even at those bloggers sites there are commentators who are quite worthwhile. What I would prefer to do is recommend some favorites, and hopefully in the future I will be able to recommend more. For the time being:

Brandon, at a badchristian blog, is a lot of fun and while some "Conservative" Christians may not like some of the language used there, I had the advantage of taking my time and not jumping to any conclusions about the people there. Sure, the nature of the beast is that I was called a smug jackass at one point, but that's all water under the bridge, and hopefully I'll be called a smug jackass again someday, it's those little things that spice up one's life, don't cha think? Anyway, for the most part, the people there are highly intelligent and it is very worthwhile to consider their viewpoints. If we expect to understand and communicate with people, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, sometimes we are expected to listen, and sometime we might find ourselves actually losing an "argument," but isn't that what truth is about, accepting it, sometimes being able to embrace the fact that we were wrong and allowing ourselves to learn? As Christians I believe that we should have teachable hearts. The only requirement for me is that I must feel someone is worthy of my respect. I believe Brandon is worthy of my respect. I may not always agree with him but he is certainly intelligent and honest, at least that has been my experience so far. So, kudos to Brandon for challenging Christians and making us think...ooooh, that gives me a headache, but I do so enjoy it for a while, till the pain gets too bad. :)

The other blog I would recommend is From the Salmon, the blog owner there is Zalm, he is a friend of Brandon's. Zalm seems to be very docile and calm, of course that's not to say he will not stand up for what he believes. I like him very much because he has displayed a willingness to admit human error when necessary. Zalm seems to be a very humble and gentle spirit. Both Brandon and Zalm are funny, whimsical and their topics, in my opinion, are very unconventional and interesting.

Check them out if you have not. Chances are if you are visiting my blog you found it through one of their comment sections and you know all about them, you are blessed.


wildwest said...

I gotta check these guys out!

Jacke M. said...

I was hoping you would! :)

wildwest said...

You and bad Christian seem to have a similar personality. I'm glad you like them.

Jacke M. said...

Did you like them, wildwest?

wildwest said...

So far, anyway.

zalm said...

Thanks for these kind words, Jacke.

I admire your determination and your perseverence to spend time with folks like us who might disagree with you much of the time. And I appreciate most of all your understanding that these kinds of conversations shouldn't be about winning.

The truth is, community among likeminded folk is pretty easy. But we're called to a love that is much more challenging and much more rich.

And I should make more of an effort to play a similar role at sites of a more conservative ilk. Y'all are exhausting, though, what with your being wrong most of the time. ;)