Sunday, May 15, 2005

Are All Republican Christians Dominionists?

Okay, here's the thing, in that political debate group in which I'm a member there's this one character who I get sideways with fairly regularly. He really has no excuse for his debate tactics because he actually does have some intelligence, it's just that he's let it get clouded with misinformation from leftist web sites. Usually our debates end in him calling me a liar and being absolutely unwilling to point out the lie.

Now, the deal is, he is constantly bombarding the group with articles from leftists sites which suggest that Republicans are all a bunch of right-wing, extremist, Christian Evangelicals and that wouldn't bother me so much except there now appears to be a leftist campaign going on which suggests that Evangelical Christians = Dominionists.

Brace yourself for the onslaught if you haven't yet experienced it. Here is a description of a dominionist:


Its most common form, Dominionism, represents one of the most extreme forms of Fundamentalist Christianity thought. Its followers, called Dominionists, are attempting to peacefully convert the laws of United States so that they match those of the Hebrew Scriptures. They intend to achieve this by using the freedom of religion in the US to train a generation of children in private Christian religious schools. Later, their graduates will be charged with the responsibility of creating a new Bible-based political, religious and social order. One of the first tasks of this order will be to eliminate religious choice and freedom. Their eventual goal is to achieve the "Kingdom of God" in which much of the world is converted to Christianity. They feel that the power of God's word will bring about this conversion. No armed force or insurrection will be needed; in fact, they believe that there will be little opposition to their plan. People will willingly accept it. All that needs to be done is to properly explain it to them.

Now, this is ridiculous because these leftist sites are making the claim that Republican Christians who hold political offices in the U.S. today are all dominionists. They are painting all of Christianity with this broad brush of "dominionism." I suppose that the only Christian who isn't a dominionist Christian is a Democrat Christian, at least that is what these articles lead one to believe. If you don't believe me, do a google search with dominionism in the search engine. The articles are beginning to increase and they are going to continue to increase.

Being a Christian, myself,and a Republican, I cannot help but be a little concerned about this campaign. I know the Bible well enough to know that Christians will be persecuted in the end times. Leftists are using this propaganda as a tool to silence the voice of all Christianity in politics. They have made every effort to portray us as hypocrites, as prudes, now the way that they seem to be trying to silence us is by suggesting that anyone who speaks of God or Jesus and is a Republican wants to change our system of government. Each of these attacks serves but one goal, to silence us. I would love to get some comments on this issue.

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Momma Twoop said...

The way I see it, Jacke, is this is just an extension of what the Left has always done....create a term or label to affix to certain groups of people they'd rather not hear from. Just as they have always attempted to silence folks with 'homophobe, racist, gay hater, Nazi, sexist,' and other convenient, but wholly misleading labels, they are now going to attempt to do with Dominionist.

The idea has always been to shut their opponents up rather than to engage in any real dialogue. It's that liberal tolerance which, in reality, does not exist. Since they can't go around jailing people, or worse, for what they say while claiming to care about the Average Joe, they create names to throw out which only serve to make others afraid to voice their opinions. That trick used to work, but not any longer and this new label they pulled out of their, sleeves will fall short of it's goal. Those who attempt it will be made to look like the extremists they are.